Father's Day messages Relationships 

Express love for your Father with these Father’s Day Messages

Happy Father’s Day to all the strongest fathers! A single day would not be enough to thank our Fathers for whatever they do for us. But, we still try to make Father’s Day memorable for our pillars, our fathers.  A daughter loves her father unconditionally for obvious reasons! She knows that he’s the one man who can do anything to keep her happy! There are no words which can describe a Father-Daughter relationship. As grown ups, we become so busy in our lives that we often forget to express our love…

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Pimple on face Beauty and Health 

Is a pimple on face is such a big deal? Step into reality!

Ask yourself, how many times you’ve panicked on spotting that not so good looking thing on your face? However, you’ll agree that it ruins your every special occasion! In the world of social media, you see loads of memes joking about a pimple. But is a pimple is worth all the attention? Is a pimple on face really such a big deal? Why you tend to loose your confidence on spotting one pimple on your face?  Why it washes all your believe that you’re beautiful no matter what? The problem…

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what is feminism? Women of Substance 

What is Feminism? Eliminating wrong notion of Feminism

Feminism…What is feminism? How has it become one of the trending topics of all time? Do people have complete knowledge of it? Questions like these, always raise a topic to discuss. Men, these days are blaming feminism for the ‘unequal’ treatment with them. According to many men, women are not using their right in a correct manner. They claim that women are taking all these rights for granted. They are building this notion that women are misusing their rights and trying to degrade men. Words like these are often created…

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what do women want in a relationship Relationships 

What do women want in a relationship to be happy?

What do women want in a relationship? This question has been puzzling men since the evaluation of romantic relationships. Men from around the globe feel frustrated because they are always in the dilemma of what pleases their better halves. Men always have a hard time understanding their love and relationship, while on the other hand, women always take care of what her beloved’s need. She is aware of all the need of her man and gives her all to keep him happy. Is that because women are more sensitive? or is…

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Inspirational Michelle Obama quotes Quotes and Facts 

12 Inspirational Michelle Obama quotes to set life goals

Michelle Obama possesses a firm, intellectual and substantial personality. The respected former President of US, Barack Obama, call her “My Rock,” all because of how strong she is as an individual. She inspires many women around the globe by her speeches to take stand for themselves. Well, with all those inspirational words of wisdom what she shared during all these years, she has also been a woman of action. The passion for promoting the well-being of people reflects through her eyes. She always expressed her desire to upgrade the status…

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colour hair naturally Beauty and Health 

Easy and amazing natural methods to colour hair naturally at home

Women are always in the dilemma because of their looks.  They cannot have a specific or constant look all their life. So they always are in search to find something new so that they can look different each time they go out. Respecting this dynamic personality of women, many things are discovered! From changing styles of eyeliners to ways of applying lipstick, they are always open to trying a new look. The  Hair is the most favorite to experiment each day. They are always up to trying new hairstyles. Different…

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woman of substance Women of Substance 

How to be a Woman of Substance? 5 must have qualities.

Woman of substance, what is it? How do you recognize that a woman is a woman of substance? What does it actually mean? Does a woman need to have some specific value to have this title? Well, in today’s world, everyone is talking about issues of women around the globe. Most of the women have finally discovered that they are also an equal part of the society and if they want to live in an upgraded world, they need to work for it themselves. A term which is popular in…

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Healthy habits for woman Beauty and Health 

7 Tips on healthy habits for women for a better living

Women are very efficient in multi-tasking. They can manage both professional and personal life with same ease. Well, this is one of the basic differences between men and women. Various studies have also proven that women are better at multi-tasking than men. Though this is a very incredible quality, it somewheres effects the health of women. In order to perform every task of the day with equal efficiency, they forgot to take care of herself. Thus, there has to be a special routine which every woman have to follow to…

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Gemini woman Quotes and Facts 

5 facts which describe the best traits of a Gemini Woman

Gemini is the sign which is considered the most versatile sign. Geminis are ruled by Mercury and Women of this sign contain many special characteristics. This rule of Mercury makes her creative and her mind intellectual. She also possesses of being witty at her best. She comes in the category of people exploring new ways to live life, she can never be satisfied in the same old living patterns. Her personality is extremely dynamic and vivid. She is also inquisitive to topics which remain unexplored in the everyday life which makes…

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Priyanka Chopra quotes Quotes and Facts 

10 Most motivating Priyanka Chopra Quotes for every girl

Priyanka Chopra is one of the leading actresses in Bollywood with her debut in the movie industry. Since the time, she has become a part of Bollywood, she believed to work in a manner in which no one can replace her. She is one of the reasons why actresses got their share of fame in terms of powers. Now, with her strong personality and charm, she is going strong in Hollywood too. She got an appreciation for her work in TV series ‘Quantico‘ and became favorite of many people in…

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