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The 7 easiest ways to quit smoking tips

” Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs.”  –King James I

Smoking is actually injurious to health and it has its effects on everyone. We, here in WomenLite also have our concerns about the effects of smoking on women’s health. We all are very well aware that smoking has dangerous effects on lungs and hearts but there are many other ways in which smoking affects women’s health. Some of them are:

With all these risks, women continue to smoke. It has been proven in various studies that smoking is more hazardous for women than men.  Many of you want to quit smoking but bad habits don’t vanish easily. It takes a very strong will to quit and stand on your decision. So, as our contribution to making you quit smoking and live a healthy life, we present you-

7 Easiest ways to quit smoking tips

1. Search for a reason.

You started because of a reason, that reason would have been peer pressure, your urge to test something new, any unavoidable circumstance or just your wish to start it! When you started for a reason, you need a reason to quit as well! You need to search for a person or a goal who/which can be a strong reason to quit smoking. No smoking helps you to feel younger and each woman loves to be young, so this could be another reason for you to put that cigarette down.

“You’re always better off if you quit smoking; it’s never too late.” -Loni Anderson

2. Meditate to relax.

Meditation is an excellent way to control your senses. It helps you to live good as it makes your mental health better. This heavenly method to relax helps you to deal with the nicotine withdrawal when you’re in the process to quit smoking.

3. Explore new ways to relax.

One of the common reasons why women smoke is that Nicotine helps you to relax. According to studies, women have more anxiety level than men which may also lead to depression but smoking is a big no treatment for this. You have to explore other ways which calm you and make you feel relaxed. Take up your hobby and work on it to release the anxiety so that you can be relaxed and productive at the same time. Go out with your family or just tune into your favorite music. Always keep doing something and keep yourself busy because once you feel you’re free and have nothing to do, you develop a need to smoke. Here’s a super fun way to relieve stress and stay busy, Fidget spinner.

4. Make your home clean.

It is important to clean your house for obvious reasons, but when you are on a mission to quit smoking, it becomes more essential. You need to take out the smell of tobacco from every part of yours. So make sure you don’t have things which can trigger your cravings for picking that cigarette again.

5. Get a Nicotine replacement.

When you don’t smoke for a while, you may suffer headaches which are the result of nicotine withdrawal from your body. It may also affect your mood and make you feel dizzy. Nicotine is addictive so you just can’t leave it suddenly, you need to have an alternative for it for some time. Nicotine gums, patches, and lozenges can help you to deal with nicotine cravings.

“The true face of smoking is disease, death and horror – not the glamour and sophistication the pushers in the tobacco industry try to portray.”– David Byrne

6. Drink sufficient water.

A good dose of water every day keeps the body working well. This is the simplest way to deal to deal Nicotine in your body. It boosts the detox of nicotine and also makes it easier for lungs to clean the mucus inside. Also, proper intake of water makes your organs efficient for work.

7. Make realistic targets.

You cannot just decide to quit and actually quit instantly. It takes time because your body gets addicted to nicotine. So, you need to set targets of probably one week of ‘no smoking’  and then you can increase the time period accordingly. This will give you the motivation to quit it and will also make your will strong because if you can leave it for one week, you can leave it forever.

There are also specialized classes to make you quit smoking. In severe cases, counseling is another great option to leave that cigarette forever. Also, in the era of social media, You can also join some online community or group which are against smoking. The online groups like these seriously help you to make your decision of quitting stronger. Surround yourself with the help who are not a victim of this harmful practice.

Be more rigid on your decision and don’t let that cigarette tempt you anymore. Focus on more important things in your life and be free from the chains of this addictive stuff. Your efforts will not go in vain once you have decided it, don’t forget that a woman can achieve anything whatever she wants. All the best!

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