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Tips and tricks on How to Apply Airbrush Makeup

As human beings, we have the desire to look beautiful. We have invented many makeup techniques for us and still, our search is not over. Among all make-up techniques, Airbrush makeup is the most advanced makeup process which is done by spraying the makeup material onto the skin.


Mechanism of Airbrush makeup


Airbrush makeup works on the very simple principles of engineering. There is a powered compressor in an Airbrush to control the airflow through a hose which is connected to a metal triggered action gun. This simply designed equipment is not only used for makeups but can be used in various fields as well. As for makeup equipment, it was first used in 1959 on actors in the Hollywood movie BEN HUR and became popular as a makeup inventory.

When airbrush system is used for makeups, it does not require a powerful compressor which makes it suitable for homely uses. Best Airbrush makeup system is operated with two needles resting in the nozzle. When the beautician sprays the mixture out, a single action nozzle is done while to control the flow it follows a double action nozzle.

How to apply airbrush makeup?

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Airbrush makeup is different from conventional makeup as it is done through certain tactics. Here are some tips for you to apply airbrush makeup to your skin.

  • Usually, you can apply traditional makeups on your skin without a beautician. Airbrush makeup will be effective if you choose someone to apply this method to your skin.
  • Airbrush makeup goes through certain steps, so you should read the manuals or watch videos provided by the company before doing the makeup. The more you will know about the product, the more benefits you can get from it.
  • After understanding the process, make sure that your skin is clean and dry. To get better results, you can also wash your skin with PH-balanced cleansers or apply moisturizers. The cleaner your face will be, the more effective your airbrush makeup will be.
  • When you clean your face properly, ask your beautician to tune the compressor to low or medium level. If you are doing this makeup for the first time, tune the compressor into low otherwise medium will be fine.
  • Now shake the mixture well but use 6-10 drops of the makeup fluid. It is important for you to check the airbrush on a tissue paper or on the back of your palm before applying the makeup. This ensures the proper functioning of the airbrush
  • After testing the airbrush, now the next step is to apply the foundation to your skin. It will be good if you stay six to twelve inches away from the airbrush while doing the makeup. Now use the foundation in a circular way. Make sure that you do the same numbers of passes on both sides of your face.
  • It is you who know your skin better than anyone. So make sure that you cover your skin well with the airbrush. Sometimes users get confused and try to make too many passes, which makes the skin look artificial. Always trust your own judgment and don’t be over-anxious while applying the foundation to your skin.
  • Now go down to the neckline and let the airbrush do its task. Airbrush makeup will bring you more fun than traditional makeup processes if you rightly utilize it.


Though Airbrush makeup is more advanced than traditional makeups, yet you need to protect your eyes and other sensitive regions of the body from the spray. If in case you get the mixture in your eyes, don’t try to do anything with it and consult your doctor immediately.

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  • Kyle Wayne

    I really like that you mentioned being careful of how many passes you make so you avoid giving an artificial look to your face. My sister is getting married at the end of the month and is looking to buy bridal airbrush makeup. I think I’ll talk to her about making sure she does the right avoid so it doesn’t look artificial.