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6 Aquarius Woman Traits which Makes Her Unconventional

Aquarius is the eleventh Zodiac sign in astrology. People who are born between January 21st and February 18th are known as Aquarians. The Aquarius woman is symbolized by the water bearer and ruled by the element of air. The Aquarian is governed by the planets Saturn and Uranus and its quality is fixed.

Aquarius Woman Traits

The Aquarius woman is a paradox, an unsolved mystery. She is a strong and unique individual, a feisty rebel. Some traits which define the Aquarius woman include:

1. Dreamer



She is the ultimate dreamer, conjuring infinite possibilities. Her childlike dreams have a romantic quality to them. She often tends to leave her physical surroundings and revel in her fantasies about life. This quality enables the Aquarius woman to conceive a better future for herself and hence create an exciting life with the help of her big dreams.

2. Visionary


The Aquarius woman has a forward-thinking view of life. She is full of hopeful idealism and possesses the capacity to change the world with her beliefs. She is willing to fight till the end to attain her goals and achieve what she wants to achieve, she’s super confident about her goals.

3. Rebellious


She likes to live by her own rules and act on her own terms. She doesn’t follow the crowd and doesn’t like being told what to do. Marching to the beat of her own drum, she doesn’t conform to established norms of behavior and ways of life.

4. Innovative


She possesses an extremely curious mind that is bursting with big ideas. Hers is an exploratory nature which likes to invent new ways of obtaining knowledge. She has a need to develop her own approach to learning. She is inventive and creative; if she experiences great insights or inspiration in a new place, she will pursue it with all her zeal.

5. Unconventional


She has the ability to bring a fresh perspective to the table. She doesn’t follow convention and has a disregard for the rules. Hating the idea of being tied down by a job, she has a dislike for corporate environments. She will create her own path and walk on it with confidence. She is strong in her convictions.

6. Humanitarian


She is the ultimate humanitarian- she is ready and willing to assist anyone who might be down on their luck. She doesn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs her. Always giving sound advice to whoever needs it, she cares about her fellow human beings. She is more than willing to support causes that matter to the society.

Dating an Aquarius Woman


The Aquarius woman needs a man who can keep up with her intellectually. He should be able to keep her engaged with stimulating conversation; exchanging new ideas is incredibly arousing for the Aquarius woman. She prides herself on being extremely practical and original. She appreciates genuine sincerity from her partner rather than showy and predictable displays of affection.

Tips about dating an Aquarian woman

  • You have to be humble and real when you’re with her. She doesn’t like to compromise on her sense of personal integrity and doesn’t like to be domineered over by anyone. It is advisable to not raise your voice on her or call her disrespectful names.
  • The Aquarian woman needs an uncommon amount of personal space; nothing scares her more than having her freedom and autonomy taken away. She has a fiercely independent nature and needs to be true to herself. She expects her partner to constantly improve themselves and grow as a person.
  • Amongst all, she is the kind of person who strives to steadily evolve herself as an individual. And if you have a lazy attitude towards life and are settled in your ways, she will be disappointed in you and want out of the relationship.
  • If you are dating an Aquarian woman, get ready to have a whole new world open up to you. A life spent loving an Aquarian woman is never boring. The Aquarius woman in love craves a strong, self-assured man who can keep up with her beautiful mind and stand up for her ideals. You should be able to help open her up emotionally with all passion and heart.

The Aquarian woman is surely going to make a difference in your life with her vitality and unpredictability. You should be able to adjust to her carefree lifestyle. The Aquarius woman in relationships is compassionate and caring and desires the same qualities from her partner. Try to keep her feelings in mind and do not take her for granted. If she feels threatened, betrayed or unloved she will want to end things with you.

The Aquarian water bearers make great lovers. The Aquarian woman’s persona chooses to express her love openly and flirtatiously, they are not interested in keeping it a secret.

She tends to choose partners who exude an exuberant appeal. Her partner should be someone who has unique ideas and would be at the forefront of the exploration of love. She is willing to sacrifice anything for love. She has an exploratory and experimental demeanor and believes that love can exist outside the normal, accepted routines. Her love is real and based on the foundation of friendship.

She is willing to make time for you, no matter what. She’ll express her love in many different ways like cooking your favorite dinner, complimenting you and pampering you. This indicated that she is very comfortable with you and values your presence in her life.

Aquarius Woman Personality


The Aquarius woman has a positive outlook on life and wants to approach it without conflict, stress or demand.

  • She is simply funny in a very natural way. The Aquarius woman represents friendship. She tends to mingle with everyone no matter what their age or background is and will be friends with people from all walks of life.
  • She has the ability to network very well and is loved by all her buddies because of her cool exterior and unique point of view on life. Hers is one of the most charismatic and enigmatic signs of the zodiac. She can be the center of attention by drawing a lot of positive attention to herself. She is an inspiring friend who will push you to be your best version and test your strengths.
  • Aquarius woman characteristics include a freedom-loving spirit and an independent nature which makes her do some of the most exciting, interesting things in life.
  • She is a wonderful and fiercely loyal friend to have who will stick around even when everyone leaves. You can count on her to inspire you and to make your life delightful and a little less mundane. She is always reaching for the sky and coming up with amusing ideas to entertain you.
  • She is a smart, independent and original woman who can be a little scary when you first come into contact with her. But eventually, as you warm up to her, you’ll appreciate her uniqueness and love her for what she is. Hers is an air sign and she is a tempest with inner force and power.
  • She takes the concept of loyalty to a different deeper level. Hers is a fixed sign which implies that they harbor an attachment to past memories. Even though she loves the progress on a personal level and has the courage to look ahead on the past with optimism, she still likes to know where she has come from and who she is. She doesn’t abandon her roots.

Aquarius Woman Negative Traits


  • The Aquarius woman often tries too hard to gain sympathy from others. She has a constant need for other’s attention and validation from her peers.
  • She often cannot identify social cues and tends to be invasive without realizing it, as a result upsetting a lot of people with her mindlessness.
  • An Aquarian woman is quite detached from reality; she easily gets stuck inside her head a lot, thinking about a million different things. She tends to go inside her cocoon and shut the world out. Hence, when isolation sinks in she might come off as moody or cold.
  • She internalizes her emotions all the time; she can brood over things from the past, present, and future. It becomes harder for people to get close to her because she dwells on her thoughts for too long, which makes
  • She can exhibit a chilling lack of emotion and can become cold and rigid.
    As a fixed sign, she tends to hold on to their extreme points of view with unyielding righteousness which can make any discussion with them quite frustrating.

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