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7 Aries Woman Characteristics which Makes her a Winner

The Aries Zodiac is the first sign in astrology. People whose birthday falls between March 21st through April 20th are known as Ariens or Arians. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and this sign is governed by the element of Fire. Its symbol is the Ram. Understanding a zodiac sign helps to know more about a person’s personality, it’s one of the reasons why millennials love astrology. So, let’s know more about this beauty!

Aries Woman Facts

The Aries woman is a strong personality who possesses loads of wit, charm and enthusiasm. She likes to be at the centre of attention and often is, drawing people towards her exuberant demeanour. She is known as the ‘Alpha female’ of the pack. Aries woman personality traits include independent, adventurous and honesty.

Aries Woman Traits:

1. Independent


The Aries woman is fiercely independent. She does not like to be confined by environment, rules or precedent. She is self-reliant and loves her solitude and personal space. Being capable to survive on her own, she takes independenct decisions even in the face of hurdles. She wants to live her life on her own terms and does not like others dictating her ways of being. She is capable of doing all the things that a man can.

2. Adventurous


The Aries woman is a thrill seeking and daring persona who constantly needs new challenges to stimulate her. She is bold and enthusiastic about taking risks as well. Since she always has new ideas to share, she  comes up with exciting ways to spend time. She is not afraid to tread on uncharted territory.

3. Passionate


Since the sign of Aries is governed by fire, the Aries woman exudes a fiery personality. Ruled by the Ram, she has a great zest for life. Whatever she puts her mind into, she pursues it with tireless effort and heart. She is never half-hearted towards her endeavours. She has a fervent desire to attain excellence.

4. Leader


The Aries woman is a fearless and natural leader. She is at the forefront of every activity, kick-starting the required tasks. Because she likes to be in charge, she influence people towards the right direction. She has the ability to inspire people through her actions. People rely on her for guiding them in various situations.

5. Optimistic


She is a believer in the good in people and never fails to do some good to others. Regardless of their appeal in society, she will support causes that matter to her. She is an eternal optimist who tries to make a difference in other’s lives. She holds a positive view of life.

6. Honest


She is sincere and straightforward when it comes to her dealings and communications with others. She speaks her mind on most issues and refuses to compromise on her stance in life.

7. Intelligent


She is sincere and straightforward when it comes to her dealings and communications with others. She speaks her mind on most issues and refuses to compromise on her stance in life. 

Having an acute sense of observation and thought-process, she is quick witted and sharp. She has a brilliant mind which she puts to good use through her work.



Do Aries woman fall in love easily? Yes. The Aries woman is a hopeful romantic. When an Aries woman she falls in love, she falls hard. 
 She will wholeheartedly accept her partner as part of her life. Although she is an independent soul, she will curtail a small part of her independence to make space for her lover. She has very strong feelings which she is not afraid to show them. She has the ability to put a lot of energy into the relationship.

If she is attracted to a guy, she is not hesitant to usually make the first move and let him know about it. She wears her heart on her sleeve and will shower all her love and affection on her partner. Being there for him at all times, she will tend to fulfil her partner’s needs. She expects honesty from her lover and expects him to confide in her regarding what he feels and what he wants from her. She is devastated by deceit and betrayal.

But when the Aries woman is hurt, she will forgive and forget easily. She can also be a little bossy around her lover at times. When in a relationship, she is more giving, understanding and emotional than normal. She craves passion and love. She is a fearless, charismatic woman and needs a strong man who can provide a balance to her impetuousness.
With her, what you see is what you get. So, she will remain faithful and loyal to her partner. 


Mars the planet of war and sexuality governs the Aries sign. Therefore the Aries woman will be turned on by a challenge presented to her. What attracts the Aries woman?

  • Be dedicated to her and responsive to her needs.
  • Be candid and upfront with her at all times. She is attracted to honesty.
  • She likes men who are witty and intellectual who are able to hold their end of the conversation well.
  • Confidence turns her on as she herself is someone who is outgoing, effervescent and outspoken.
  • A great physique catches her attention. Keep a fit body because she likes men who take care of themselves.
  • Being feisty and vivacious herself, she expects her partner to be passionate and enthusiastic about life and work.
  • Pamper her and spoil her by showering her with love and affection. Give your hundred percent to the relationship.

Aries Woman Career


The Aries woman shines the brightest in her career. She has the drive, ambition and passion, in other words, all the requisite qualities to make her a successful career woman. Ambition is her defining quality which enables her to take on roles of leadership.

  • She has an analytical mind that is able to deal with numbers well. Her adventurous side allows her to take potentially risky moves which may pay off in the future.
  • She is all about action and is confident about creating big ideas.
  • She has the entrepreneurial potential in her because of her ability to take initiative.
  • Her sociable personality enables her to charm people into backing any creative project she dreams up.
  • Her leadership qualities help her to pull together multiple teams to work on one project while she can look at the bigger picture.
  • She has the ability to perform multiple tasks at a time. When she strives to get something done, she is usually successful at it.
  • She has the drive to be upwardly mobile in her career and to climb the ladder of professional success.



Being with an Aries woman can be a roller coaster ride. The Aries woman needs someone as fun-loving, gregarious and driven as herself or perfect compatibility can also arise by a balance of equal amounts of qualities in both partners.

Best Match for Aries woman

Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman

Both Aries and Sagittarius are fire signs. Together, they have a possibility for great chemistry. Sagittarius the Archer is able to challenge to her in terms of intellect and energy. Like her, Sagittarius is mentally agile and active. Both signs are adventurous. Together they can conquer new territory and have many great moments. Sagittarius has great social skills like her, which she will find appealing.

Leo Man and Aries Woman

Aries and Leo share a great capacity for compatibility. Leo is courageous, bold and powerful. With her, the Leo shares a gregarious nature that helps them to walk life’s journey together. There will be a slight competition between the two to see which one leads the way, but that resolved, they make a great match together. Like her, the Leo likes to be the centre of attention and typically the life of the party.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

Both Aquarius’ and Aries’ need for personal space and freedom help them respect each other’s needs and grow and mature together. Together, they have the capacity to form a deep bond.
Gemini: This sign is known for its adaptability which is compatible with her adventurous nature. She can lead them down to new paths together.

Worst Match for Aries woman

Virgo Man and Aries Woman

This sign’s reserved nature clashes with her bold and courageous temperament. Furthermore, Virgos have the tendency to be overly critical which can be an obstacle to her tendencies for leadership.

Capricorn Man and Aries Woman

There is a great possibility of discord between these two signs as Capricorn is by nature staunchly traditional while she likes novelty and variety in life. Moreover, Capricorn is hesitant about spending their money while she is lavishly spending it. Fights may arise over matters of money.

Taurus Man and Aries Woman

Both Taurus and Aries have different approaches to life. While Taurus is slow to progress and takes their time, she is always on the go and super-active. Taurus natives like to stay closer to home whereas she likes to explore new places and realms of experience.