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Why Ayana Midplaza Jakarta Hotel is Best to Stay in Jakarta

Jakarta is a vibrant contemporary city with numerous attractions that attract millions of tourists into the city and country of Indonesia. It is a gateway into pristine beaches found within the numerous islands of Indonesia. The beaches are a surfers dream, you can snorkel and even go deep sea diving in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

In addition to the beaches, Jakarta is a city and gateway into a rich history and culture of the people that live within the borders of Indonesia. In addition, it offers great sites of beautiful, diverse and unique landscapes filled with numerous bird and animal species and other animals only unique to this country.

Why Choose Ayana Midplaza Jakarta Hotel?

ayana midplaza jakarta
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As a tourist destination, Jakarta prides itself for providing tourists with unique and luxurious hotels to stay in. There are numerous five-star hotel Jakarta within the city and within the very many locations where tourists can visit and have a lovely time.

One of the most popular five-star hotels within the city of Jakarta is the Ayana Midplaza Jakarta hotel. It is a beautiful tower that offers incredible service to those seeking 5-star luxury and comfort within the busy city of Jakarta.

It has several unique features that make it the go-to hotel in Jakarta.

1. Location

It is located within a busy section of the city of Jakarta. Targeting business travellers and them myriad local businesses, this is an ideal location. In addition, it is only 45 minutes away from the main Indonesia airport and therefore allows easy access into and out of the city.

In addition, its location allows its guests to appreciate the contrast of comfort and relaxation it offers as opposed to the busy, hot and humid streets of the city of Jakarta. This hotel creates a whole new meaning to an urban escape.

For shopping enthusiasts, the hotel is only 2km away from one of the most popular shopping malls and shopping districts in the city and country and offers a unique vantage point to view the city below you.

2. Meetings, incentives and conference amenities

As a corporate-focused hotel in a city filled with large growing and global businesses, the Midplaza Jakarta provides five-star amenities for all business events and processes.

Among its numerous business-focused amenities is its Grand Ballroom. With a capacity to hold people into the hundreds, businesses can use it to hold major office parties, conferences and events.

In addition, it has over twenty conference facilities where businesses can hold their meetings in tranquillity, privacy and comfort. Five-star snacks and meals are provided to conference participants at agreed on times to ensure that business progresses smoothly.

3. Fully equipped fitness centre

Tourists and business travellers do not have to leave their exercise routine at home. This hotel Jakarta offers a fully equipped fitness centre where it guests can pop in and break a sweat in style.

In addition, the hotel’s guests can enjoy laps in the swimming pool or enjoy a game of tennis at the hotel’s tennis court or indulge in a game of golf.

4. Huge Discounts

The Ayana offers great discounts and packages for its business travellers. Specifically for business travellers into the city, it offers two-day packages which see you set up in an elegant and beautifully furnished executive suite where you can conduct your daily business and have a restful evening as you go take in the achievements of the day.

This attractive package for business travellers also covers meals that they will take in the hotel for the duration of their stay.

5. Awards and Accolades

As a testament to their five-star rating and service, the Ayana Midplaza Jakarta has won numerous regional and worldwide awards and accolades. These awards afford it bragging rights of being the best at what they do. Recently, they won the World Luxury Spa Awards. This worldwide award is given after reviewing numerous hotel spas around the world.

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