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5 Unique and Memorable Baby Gift Ideas

Although it is a special experience to have in life, watching a baby grow into a fully functioning amazing human being, the first couple of years after a child is born are among the most magical. They involve a lot of learning, laughter and every day,  more or less brings its own new challenges and experiences.

Unique Baby Gift Ideas:

There are always ways to add to the natural wonder and adventure with well-chosen gifts. So, if you are looking for inspiration for wonderful congratulations on your new baby gifts, we are sure you’ll love our selection below. Here are some amazing baby gift ideas:

1. Personalized Onesies and Vests

baby vests

One great way to add a touch of class and elevate a simple and practical gift like baby onesies and vests is by personalizing them. Once they know for sure the gender and have a name locked down, why not buy them monogrammed onesies and vests.

2. Personalized Bibs


Keeping with the personalizing theme for the next idea on our list, why not buy a selection of multi-coloured bibs with the new baby’s name on the front. Bibs are incredibly useful anyway, but kind bland. By getting the newborn’s name on them though, you give them a quirky and fun appeal that the proud parents will love.

3. Special Photo Frame for Firsts

photo frame

The first couple of years of any newborn’s life is full of firsts. The first time they hold their head up on their own, the first time they crawl, the first time they smile without it being wind etc. You get the point. Why not help the expectant mom and dad? Help them to celebrate these various firsts with a special photo frame to chart them and commemorate them? This is a more unique and interesting way to make use of the plethora of photos that are accumulated in such a short time.

4. Special Box for Storing First Tooth or Hair

store house

When you have children, you want to savour all the good things, all those important milestones. When they lose their first tooth, or first fine curly hair, this is a special moment that you can help the joyful parents remember for many years to come by gifting them a special box to store these keepsakes in. Pewter is a nice choice because it not only looks stunning but is also incredibly robust.

5. Newborn Gift Baskets

baby basket

What about a gift that helps those first challenging months a whole lot easier for the new mom, dad, and baby to manage? Newborn gift baskets are ideal for doing just that. There are many to choose from. Some include baby toys, books, and games, while others include lots of essentials like bibs and onesies.

Having a nicely presented gift like this that includes many of the necessities is a great way to say congratulations and help them get their new life together off to a great start.