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15 Best Christmas Movies of All Types for a Comfy Christmas

Looking for amazing Christmas Movies to watch this Christmas season? We’re sure you don’t wanna get bored at home while your friends enjoy this cold vibe vacation. To have a comfortable yet memorable evening, we have a series of movies that you can choose for your lazy pajama days.

Best Christmas Movies-

Movies are the best kind of rescue because it makes you live the life of someone else at least for a few hours. So let’s know what can be your choice of films this Christmas.

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

The complete world is trending on Netflix and if you have a Netflix account then you have something really good and sorted. Just an add-on of coke and chips will make things perfect for you. Here are some trending Netflix movies and series for you for Christmas.

  1. The princess switch:

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Now, this is one of the craziest movies. One week before the occasion, a duchess switches soul with ordinary women in the land of Chicago. The story revolves around how both the female fall in love with each other’s beaus after the swipe. This is gonna be hillsides drama. Love exchange and fun this movie has it all. If you wanna see this, switch your Netflix on.

  1. A Christmas Prince:

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Realised in 2017 this movie is still a big-time yes. It’s a romantic comedy film.  This story revolves around a journalist when she is sent abroad to get the clip of a handsome prince. This is romantic and the vibes are right for Christmas so enjoy your day with this pick for sure.

  1. Christmas inheritance:


This is again a year backstory but some movies can never go old. This story is about how heiress Ellen get her Christmas gift in the path of building dreams for her fathers Christmas card before she inherited her father’s wealth and glory. This is gonna be a warm choice for sure.

Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Now if you are worried that you don’t have a Netflix account, then don’t worry honey. There are many other evergreen movies other than Netflix special ones. Let’s move to the evergreen Christmas movies for which you will not have to log in to any account because these movies already logged in the people’s heart for a very long time. We know many of you would have watched them but if you haven’t then you should for sure before Santa rings his bells.

  1. An Evergreen Christmas:

evergreen christmas
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A 2014 romance and music genre became quite a loving choice.  After the father’s death how the girl stands between pursuing her career and saving her family business of Christmas tree. It is struggling. And shows how the little girl plans it all and makes things better here. All around, it’s just a movie but also creates a remarkable stand for the bees out.

  1. The Notebook:

the notebook
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This story is when duke read about Allie and Noah two lovers who get separated by the sorrow of fate to ms hamilton elderly women.  It’s old but pure. The pure romantic movie till date.

If you are a lover girl then pick it up, oopss… but don’t forget to hold a napkin to wipe your tears. Because where the love is deep the tears get deeper. So let the love flow around you this Christmas.

  1. La La Land

la la land
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A pianist and an actress turn their ways to their passion and earn success in their field and then they find love for each other and then its all lalalala. Romance and love for passion are making me write it a Christmas choice. It’s the most beautiful swing of love and land is dancing like the Christmas season.

Best Christmas Movies for Kids

Wait, what about the little ones around? For children, Christmas is the most happening season for them. It is all about dreams and hope vibe. So, here is the next list of best family Christmas movies which you can enjoy with your little babies and also your partner if he is a kid at heart. Let’s list out some Christmas movies for you and family to share the season together.

  1. The Grinch:

the grinch
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The Grinch and his loyal animal max live inside a cave. His main source of provocation comes during Christmas when his neighbor celebrates with a bang. The story revolves around the fun between both who make the chairmats better.  It’s a fantasy movie and gonna make you freeze with your childhood back. It’s an animated fun movie to watch.

  1. The Polar Express:

the polar express
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This is fascinating how a young boy boards a train and travels to an extraordinary destination in the north pole. On his this trip he meets Santa and gets his first Christmas gift. If you also wanna get that feeling then go take a ride to this movie.

  1. Elf:

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A Santa’s elf finds out that he’s actually a human.  And when he knows he is a human he moves to New York in the search of his dad. This is a comedy and a fun movie to watch.

Best Christmas Horror Movies

Horror! This word is enough to give some girls goosebumps. But some girls love getting these goosebumps. So let’s make this month Christmas little terrific with this bunch of horror.

  1. Silent night deadly night:

Silent night deadly night
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Did you see the name, that itself is scaring me out? This is an old movie but must say the older the scarier. Its a story of a little boy who is raised by a nun but his adulthood turn a little different, so different that it can be a killing truth.

  1. Black Christmas:

black christmas
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I told you older the better, this is a story where sisters start receiving random calls during their winter breaks. One by one these sisters start getting killed. And the culprit is a mystery.

  1. A Christmas horror story:

Santa, the king of happiness, but do you know sometimes Santa is not safe. If you don’t believe this then you must check this movie out. Zombie spirit and cold horror will all make the movie to rule the time for sure.

Best Animated Christmas Movies

Are you also an animation fan? Then the final list is all for you. Do you also like the fusion thing making there moves more than the human? Then honey checks it out.

  1. Incredibles 2:

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This is everyone favorite series for sure. But this time this movie comes with more crisp. Realized in 2018, this movie has created a 123.9 cr box office hit. It is the second highest grossing animated film of the time. So let be a kid back with the cute pair of shorts and be all mad this Christmas. Who cares what your age when the animation is so interesting.

  1. Small Foot:

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A story about Yetis and humans, this animated movie is super cute! A yet soon faces banishment from his snow home when the villagers refuse to believe his fantasy stories. In a hope to prove it to them, his story begins. Now Christmas in snow is what this movie all about. Are you ready to get frozen this winter?

  1. Coco :

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This movie has the epic drama how Miguel follows his passion despite his family ban out.after meeting a charming trickster named Hector. The story starts when these two friends move on an extraordinary journey. The fills the lift all the fun travels between these two souls. Coco is a must watch the film.

These where few films that can make you have all the fun at Christmas. Be it a romantic thriller or comedy, every film has its own fun. Start your winters with a hot cup of coffee and these beautiful movies and if you have someone to hang around call them up and enjoy your Christmas with these Christmas movies in your style. Merry Christmas!