Best European Cities

5 Best European Cities For Women To Go Cycling

The cycling culture has grown tremendously in the Schengen region and other parts of Europe. Today, other countries are scrambling to catch up with Europe. As a woman, and a cycling enthusiast, not every cycling destination is good for you especially if you will be alone in your sojourns.

Best European cities for women cyclists:

  1. Copenhagen in Denmark


The city of Denmark is very friendly to cyclists from all walks of life. It is also very safe. Since there is a lot to see in this city, you can be sure that you will have the best views on saddle back.

More than 130 million Euros have been spent in enriching the cycling life of this city. Great infrastructure, you know, riding paths where you never come into contact with the bigger motor vehicle traffic, 16 new bridges added and being added to make cycling safer and more fun … really, what more can an itchy-foot woman traveler who loves to hop on the saddle and do her thing ask for? This also explains why close to 70 percent of the population in Copenhagen hops onto a bicycle every week for errands, school, and other activities. So, choose from the best women’s bikes and go exploring Copenhagen on your next cycling adventure.

  1. Amsterdam in the Netherlands


They call it the city of sin, but if you love feeling the wind and the sun on your face and hair as you vroom through the streets on two wheels, well, Amsterdam is where you should be. This city is, however, more popular for its canals than for its bicycle routes. But don’t worry – the two wheels are catching up fast. There could be a bit of bike congestion in this city from time to time, but the city authorities are working hard to resolve that issue. You will see many women, moms with their kids cycling along the streets. Join the bandwagon. Amsterdam is also known for its beautiful and calm beaches. So, you can have a women’s beach bike to explore the beaches in Amsterdam.

  1. London


Do not take the red buses to see the city of London when you can take a bicycle and see the city at your own pace. Thankfully, there are so many bicycle stations that after hiring your bicycle, you can leave it anywhere. Need we start on the many things that you will see in London? Go to Camden, Canary Wharf and many more.

With more than 700 docking stations and with more than 10000 bikes ready for hire, there is no reason why you should not cycle around in this world capital for business and shipping. While in London, if you need a small town cycling experience, you should definitely hop over to Oxford and get a chance to cycle along the Thames.

Go see some historical colleges that you only read about in books like Christchurch College, Wadham, and others.

  1. Ghent in Belgium


Ok, this is the second city in Belgium in this list, good for women who may find the city of Copenhagen too crowded with cyclists, especially in summer and spring. This city has many cycle paths crisscrossing all over. The most important thing you should know about Belgium is that cyclists always have right of way.

You will be perfectly safe and as you pedal along, you can enjoy the aroma of sweet waffles and chocolates. Ghent is a small city but one with many tramways and well-developed cycling paths. You may not find it mentioned in the cycling journals, but it is great to ride your bicycle here. You have right of way, remember? Do Mother Nature one good turn – ride, don’t drive.

  1. Malmo in Sweden


Why drive a Volvo when you can hop on a bicycle and ride your way to happiness? Malmo is not only the third largest city in the country of Sweden, but it is also the most cycle-friendly city in the world. It is not only safe for women cyclists, but it is safe for men, seniors, and children.

If you enjoyed cycling in Copenhagen, which is a ferry ride away, you can hop over to Malmo and enjoy more cycling fun, one hundred fold. This city is endowed with more than 500 kilometers of state of the art cycling paths for you to try out. Safety is emphasized upon in Malmo and you are not allowed to ride your bicycle without a helmet. You will be perfectly safe here.