3 Best Halal Dishes in Singapore to Make your Trip full of Taste

Singapore is known to be a cultural desert and here you will find people of all races, all color, and all religions. In fact, Singapore is a business hub and people from all around the world reside in Singapore and are running great businesses and companies at the moment. In short, Singapore is a diverse country to live in and the population here is all multicultural.

People from all around the world come and visit Singapore and it is also known as the best and the most favorite spot for tourists because here everyone can find things related to their culture, religion, and traditions. From clothing to eating, there is everything available in Singapore for you, here you just have to name what you want and you’ll have it in front of you at the very next moment.

Now, speaking of different cultures and religions, we all know the fact that Muslims are prohibited to consume some foods like pork or bacon etc. In other words, it sometimes becomes difficult for Muslims to find Halal food in the foreign countries and even if they do find halal, they have to travel miles and miles to eat it.

However, this is not the case in Singapore, as said earlier, here you just name a thing or a food and you’ll have it with you. Similar is the case of halal cuisine here, in fact, a large amount of the population in Singapore is Muslim and here every other restaurant gives halal food.

Best Halal Dishes

Now, if you are someone who is going to Singapore for the first time then it can be a little hassle for you to search for proper halal food. For that, you can check halal food directory too but if you want to know about the specific dishes that are halal here then stick a little longer to this article because today we are here with a compilation of some of the best halal dishes that you will find here in Singapore.

So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell and memorize it all because honestly the dishes we are about to mention are halal and finger licking good too.



There are different types of sushi available here in Singapore and there will even come a time when you will get confused because there is a wide range of options placed in front of you when you ask for sushi. Some of the best halal sushis are maki sushi, temaki sushi, and oshi sushi. Know that a sushi is basically a mixture of rice and fish and both of these are allowed for Muslims to eat. However, there are a few specifications on the fish too but you can always ask the restaurant owner to serve you the halal ones.



Hummus is also globally famous as the best and the yummiest halal food. Here in Singapore you can find hummus at every other restaurant and don’t worry because you won’t have to struggle much to find hummus. Even the Singapore people themselves love hummus. Hummus is made up of ground chickpeas and sesame seeds so yes, it is completely safe for you to consume.

3-Doner Kebab

doner kebab

Want a meaty treat? Try the doner kebabs of Singapore and we assure you that your taste buds would want more and more of this food. To make sure that you are consuming halal food, you can ask the restaurant for chicken, mutton or beef doner kebab and you will get it served fresh on your table. Doner kebabs are also one of the most popular and the yummiest halal meals that can be easily found in Singapore. Moreover, the best thing is that this food won’t cost you too much so yes, it’s a good option if you want to have meat.

These are the top 3 halal dishes that you can have in Singapore easily. So, don’t worry about the food anymore, pack your bags and head straight to this diverse country and get the best out of your trip.