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 5 Best Ice Cream Flavors which are Most loved by Women

There are several things to look forward to a woman with the advent of the summer. Starting from cool sips on lemonades and frequently visiting the nearby beaches for quick swims, there is one more vital thing which makes the summers even more appealing- ice creams.  With the temperatures soaring high and the heat of the sun getting intense, the only thing which saves us is a good bucket of creamy ice cream.

Best Ice Cream Flavors:

During summers when we hesitate to eat any kind of solid, ice creams are a sweet relief from the scorching sun. Our country is home to an array of exotic fruits and spices. So, we find an amazing collection of ice cream flavors. Mostly, we indulge in consuming the classic Vanilla or a chocolate. Finally, when bored of these flavors we want something different. As the world is moving towards a healthier life here is the new ENLIGHTENED ICE CREAM REVIEW – WHERE CAN YOU BUY THIS HIGH-PROTEIN HEALTHY TREAT?

Let us find out in details about the best ice cream flavors of the women this season:

1. Mango

mango ice cream

This is a fruit practically everyone yearns for and since it is available for a very short period of time. The combination of mange and creamy ice cream is like a delightful treat to us. The brands do not leave any chance of making the summers special by churning ice creams out of mangoes. If not from any shop we can also make mango ice creams at home using the pulp of the fruit and adding lemon for the ultimate tangy and zesty taste.

2. Coconut

coconut icecream

Coconut is a superfruit with a lot of nutrients and a simple taste. As the third largest coconut producing countries in the world, it comes as no surprise that this nutritious fruit is used extensively in Indian cuisine. Its versatility also makes it a highly desirable flavor to use in desserts. With its light and dreamy taste, this tantalizing soft scoop of ice cream is a dream to counter the heat wave on any given day. A scattering of nuts goes well with this concoction. This elevates its smooth and sweet texture to a crunchy treat with intensity. Dessert lovers of all ages will find it hard to resist this real tropical delight.

3. Anjeer Badam

almond iecream

This amazingly luscious ice cream with the rich flavor of figs and roasted almonds is perfect for those seeking a plush food indulgence. Figs are rich in potassium, a mineral that helps control blood pressure and fluid balance in our bodies. Uniting this bell-shaped fruit with nuts work delightfully well and the result is nothing less than fit for royalty. Their mellow flavor combined with the delicate taste of almonds adds another dimension to fruity ice creams. We can drizzle ribbons of honey over the ice cream to intensify the depth of this cool and creamy treat. If this combination is difficult to find in shops or restaurants, we can try out a homely recipe to recreate the best ice cream flavors at home.

4. Kesar Pista

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This fragrant, luxurious and textured ice cream is made with one of the most precious and expensive spices in the world – saffron. Infused with the saltiness of pistachios, this is the ideal frozen sensation for our taste buds! A combination of these traditional Indian ingredients makes it a favorite among a lot of people. We can add a splash of rose water to this dessert to create a more authentic and royal effect.

5. Cardamom

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Another exquisite and expensive spice, cardamom is a popular ingredient for Indian desserts. We are usually pleasantly surprised by the unique aroma when the ice cream melts in our mouth and explodes into all sorts of wonderful flavors. Its health benefits are endless – from acting anti-depressant to treating dental problems and improving blood circulation. We can also top it up with a sprinkle of rose water and a handful of pistachios. Also, add almonds for an extra kick of indulgence to this and get the best ice cream flavors.

This unbelievably easy to make at home and it will ensure our taste buds are thoroughly pampered in the heat. We can experience a different dimension of sweetness whilst sharpening our culinary skills as it is going to be a fun ride that generously rewards our taste buds!