mother's day gift ideas

Beautiful and Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Mother

Most of us like to present our mothers with gifts they enjoy and cherish. After all, a mom is the first special woman in everyone’s life. It does not matter whatever you present to her this Mother’s Day, as long as you treat her with courtesy and kindness she deserves.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas-

Here is a list of mother’s day gift ideas (flowers, cakes, and more) for Mothers Day 2018, which will surely make your mom feel loved.

Charming Flowers for Mother’s Day


  1. Lilies: White lilies are one of the best flowers for saying thank you, and Mothers Day is a perfect occasion to thank your mom. You can order lilies from an online florist in India. Maybe you can write her a small poem along about the things you want to thank her for with a promise that you will be at her side through all the thick and thin.
  2. Daisies: The size and shape of daisies and its color differ, from one to another. Some of the popular daisy shades are white, salmon, pink yellow, etc. This is why daisies make the right combination of for a flower bouquet. You should definitely check out daises for Mother’s Day, as these flowers represent the notion of purity and innocence, which every mother associates with.
  3. Orchids: Get across your sincere feelings for your mother with orchids. These are absolutely season-friendly and work as decorations on the coffee table, front room, bedroom, and surroundings. Perhaps surprise your mother by decorating her room with baskets of orchid flowers this Mother’s Day?
  4. Roses: Words fall short of explaining the beauty and fragrance of roses. Again, you can select from different types of roses for Mother’s Day. Usually, people select red roses for this occasion. The flower rose, is a pure way of depicting your passion and reverence towards your mom.
  5. Carnations: Beautiful carnations are not just a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, but also Mother’s Day. You can present your mom with vibrant carnations and a box of chocolate.

Delicious Cakes for Mother’s Day


  1. Budget Cakes: These cakes come in different flavors, shapes, and sizes and at a pocket-friendly price. You can spend just a few hundreds or thousands of rupees and get a grand cake without emptying your wallet.
  2. Eggless Cakes: If your mom prefers eggless cakes, then do not be disappointed, as eggless cakes for Mother’s Day are available these days online, and you can get a variety of flavors in this category.
  3. Tier Cakes: If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day lavishly, then tier cakes are what you should select. Overwhelm her with best tier cakes for this occasion.
  4. Designer Cakes: Why to stick to just traditional cakes, when you can try out whacky designer cakes. Some outlets even help you buy customized cakes of different designs and shapes that you need.
  5. Special Mother’s Day Cakes: Many gift shops online sell special Mother’s Day cakes. For example, a silhouette of a woman cake, feminine design cakes, floral cakes, and cakes with a special message for moms.
  6. Heart-shaped Cakes: These types of cakes are not just for your better-half. You can purchase a heart-shaped cake for your mother as well. Go for an interesting choice of topping (cherries, a sprinkle of chocolate crystals, vanilla powder, fruits etc) to make the cake tastier.

Other Gifts Ideas for Mother’s Day this 2018

teddy bear

Apart from the above-mentioned cakes and flowers for Mother’s Day, you can consider gifting your mom a huge teddy bear, other soft toys, fruit hampers, sweets, chocolates, greeting cards, or dry fruits hamper. You can also go for stylish and comfortable outfits for your mom along with flowers and cakes according to her choice. The best gift for Mother’s Day celebration could be an assortment of different gift items so that you will be able to see your mom wear a big smile. You can always order these gifts online and send the gifts to any location in India or abroad to save your time and money.