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Ladies well-being is a standout amongst the most dubious issues in our nation. Assaults, attack, eve-prodding or grabbing – these horrifying wrongdoings are presently completed with no attempt at being subtle which has hosted the confidence of ladies to step outside. In spite of this, young ladies need to go to class, school, educational costs and the working women must make it to their working environment.

When voyaging alone, it’s best to raise your gatekeepers, remain cautious and make utilization of the innovation that engages you and lies serenely in your handbag – your cell phone, for your well-being. Truly, there are a couple of applications that can be of assistance on the off chance that you arrive in an awkward circumstance.

7 best security apps every woman need to install now!

1. SOS – Stay Safe :

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This is a free Android App. No compelling reason to sort in the telephone open code, simply keep this application enacted and shaking it two or three times (custom meters will trigger caution alongside your land area to the crisis contact. SOS Stay Safe

In the case of shaking is confounding, it additionally includes home catch tapping, which will likewise communicate something specific, area, even battery status of telephone and a sound chronicle.

2. Safetipin


It is a significant decent application went for the security of ladies. It is planned to remember the idea of individual well-being and fuses every single basic element, for example, GPS following, crisis contact numbers, bearings to safe areas and that’s just the beginning. The application “sticks” the protected regions alongside their security scores to go at the season of an issue. It likewise empowers clients to stick hazardous territories and help other people. Other than English, Safetipin supports languages like Hindi, Bahasa, and Spanish dialects.

3. Raksha


Ladies well-being alarm Raksha is intended to guarantee that ladies dependably remain safe. The application is outfitted with a catch which, when tapped, promptly sends the client’s area to indicated contacts. It’s conceivable to choose the contacts that can see the client’s area. Additionally, if the application is turned off and not working, that being said it can send cautions. The user has all to is press the volume key and hold it for three seconds. The application has SOS usefulness and can send crisis SMS messages notwithstanding when there’s no web availability.

4. Himmat

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It is a free well-being application suggest for ladies by the Delhi Police. With a specific end goal to utilize the application, a client needs to enroll on the Delhi Police site. When enrollment is finished, an OTP is sent to the client, which must be entered to finish the application’s design. On the off chance that a client starts SOS alarm from the application, her area data and sound/video is straightforwardly transmitted to the Delhi Police control room, enabling the police to achieve the client effortlessly.

5. Smart24x7


Smart24x7 is bolstered by the police of different states and is intended to guarantee the well-being of ladies and senior subjects. The application sends freeze alarms to crisis contacts in dangerous circumstances. It likewise records voices and takes photographs amid freeze circumstances, and can significantly exchange these points of interest to the police. It additionally has call focus bolster, to find the essential developments of the client. The client simply needs to press the frenzy catch, select the kind of administration required lastly tap the submit catch.

6. Shake2Safety 


Shake2Safety is most likely the simplest to utilize application among this rundown. The client simply needs to shake their cell phone or press the power catch four times to send an SOS content or call to the pre-enlisted numbers. It works notwithstanding when there’s no web association. In addition, clients can actuate or deactivate the choice of shaking the gadget to send cautions. The application can be utilized as a part of an instance of mishap, provocation, burglary or other normal cataclysms.

7. BSafe 

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The bSafe application guarantees the well-being and security of ladies. It enables contacts to complete a client a live GPS trail and furthermore set a coordinated alert which goes off naturally, on the off chance that a client doesn’t ‘check in’. Besides, it can influence the client’s telephone to ring with a phony call and furthermore advises crisis contacts of the client’s area points of interest. Alongside this, there is a Guardian Alert catch, which can be utilized to promptly illuminate the contacts of the client’s GPS area amid times of misery.