5 Best Sights for Exploring Shantiniketan: Heart of Bengal

Planning to escape the hustle-bustle city life? Whether you are in love with a Bard or just a traveller’s lust got enough justification for booking tickets for Shantiniketan?

Exploring Shantiniketan – the heart of Bengal

This little town is taken over by nature’s lover and also by those who are drawn by curiosity. So don’t just brood over, make it happen, book your stay at Shantiniketan by using various offers exploring the various places of this little town.

1.Vishwa Bharati

Exploring Vishwa Bharati would take you almost an entire day. There is so much to know about the Bengal Culture. VishwaBharati was founded by Kavi Guru Rabindranath Tagore, a place to gather knowledge about Indian culture. So if you are planning a tryst with a bard, his family, his abode, it’s a place you will never regret visiting.

  • Uttarayan Complex–The place where Tagore lived with his family. This complex comprises of five houses namely – Udichi, Udayan, Konark, Shyamoli, andPunascha revealing the ancient beautiful architecture.
  • RabindraBhaban Museum– This housing is the trove of Tagore’s life and works of his time. There are many photographs, manuscripts, documents,letters, displaying the rich era from where he belonged.
  • UpasanaGhar/Prayer House –Devendranath Tagore, his father constructed the UpasanaGriha, it is a huge hall made of glass and bounded by gardens and flowers. This place sets you free from all the stress and worries. Prayers are still conducted on every Wednesday with full devotion.
  • Chatimtala tree – Under this tree,Devendranath Tagore used to meditate and also shared his knowledge among the students. He believed knowledge can be conveyed amidst of Still, prayers are held during convocation each year by the students the Vishwa Bharti University.
  • Various departments of Vishwa Bharati – The various departments of the university are known as Bhawans. There are numerous Bhawans like PathaBhawan(Secondary School), Kala Bhawan(Art Department), Hindi Bhawan and many more.

A walk around the area will give you a peaceful mind and soul. It’s better to have a good guide along with you so that you can feel alive living the era. You can also choose available Ola Promo Code to book your ride while planning to reach another destination.

2.Kankalitala Temple

The Kankalitala Temple temple is regarded as one of the important Shakti Peeth in Hindu Mythology. Sati’s burnt body parts fell in 51 different places, which became various pilgrimages of the devotees of the Hindu religion. There is a belief that the waste of Sati has fallen in Kankalitala and hence the reference. But to my surprise, there was no such architectural uniqueness or marble sculptures as we find in other Hindu temples.

3.Srijani Shilpagram

It mainly brings up the lifestyle, home, handicrafts of the Eastern and Northern States of India. It is a Government initiative started in 2008, representation from various states such as West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, North East, andAndaman&Nicobar Islands are showcased.

One will get to know our country’s richness and diversity. It is a sprawling ground, designed to be a hub for local artisans to sell their handicrafts.


It is a formation of a small canyon due to continuous erosion of wind and soil. The path through the red soil provides a unique look to the Sonajhuri forest. The Sonajhuri forest is surrounded by Kopairiver on one side and Ballavpur forest on the other side. An early morning walk through this clean forest is a morning bliss.

Another attraction associated is the ShanibarerHaat, where the local craftsmen come to sell their own creation, tribal Santhals dancing to the rhythm of flutes, drums and cymbals showing their unity.

Located just beside the sonajhuri haat there are many resorts available for accommodation which can be easily booked using coupons.

5.Poush Mela

Another main attraction of Shantiniketan, one should never miss, is PoushMela, which held approx last week of December. The art and handicrafts are so beautiful, made from jute, cotton, earthen statues made of terracotta, a wide range of sandals, bags, jewellery, your instinct will shout to grab them all, Poush Mela doesn’t happen every day!

Music, dance, and play are lined up for the whole day. The evenings are mostly open for Bauls. Bauls are the wandering singers from Bengal known for their open stage performance. If you really want to fell the music emerging out from the soil, intoxicated, this is where you will find it.

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