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5 Bihari Women Who Made India Proud with their achievements

Women are the major contributors to the Indian society. Despite living in the orthodox male-dominated society, Indian women have proven themselves so far. From Jhansi Ki Rani – Laxmi Bai to Kalpana Chawla, women have vowed the world proving their potential & passion from the ground to space. India is one of the few countries of the world to have a Women Prime minister, the even USA hasn’t had a women president till now.

Apart from the whole India, women from Bihar have also excelled themselves in the country breaking all the barriers. We are focusing on Bihari women primarily because Bihar is one of the most backward states in India when it comes to Women Empowerment. The culture although is not against women, but has degraded them many times. Forms of entertainment like Bihari Movies and some bhojpuri Songs can also be disrespectful to women.

Women have established themselves in every field, either in the political ground or in the entertainment world. Some of those ambitious women are briefly described below.

Meira Kumar

Meira Kumar is one of those Bihari women who emerged as a shining beacon of hope for the entire country. She had established herself as one of the famous politicians in India defeating many bigwigs like Ram Vilas Paswan & Mayawati. Holding the honor of being the 1st female speaker of Lok Sabha, she has been elected five times for the Member Of Parliament.

Sonakshi Sinha


Known as the Dabangg girl of the Hindi Film Industry, Sonakshi Sinha is one of those Biharis who has achieved enormous success through her dedication. Starting her career as a fashion designer, she discovered her passion in acting. And now, she is one of the successful superstars of the Bollywood since 2010. She has worked with the biggest superstars of the Bollywood.

Sharda Sinha

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Sharda Sinha is one of the lesser known Women from Bihar in spite of her great accomplishments. Born in Bihar in the year 1980, Sharda Sinha has been awarded one of the most prestigious Govt honors – Padma Shree. She was given this award for her remarkable work in Folk Singing. This award was handed to her recently on Republic Day 2018. Here Chhath Puja themed song “Pahele Pahil Hum Kayeni Chhath” is her most popular work till now.

Neha Sharma

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Being born in a Bihari family with a political background, it was not easy for her to become an actress. But, this ambitious girl is now a well known Bollywood Actress after overcoming all the initial obstacles which included health issues too. Before entering in the Hindi Film Industry in the year 2010, Neha Sharma worked in several Telugu films which shows her passion & dedication towards acting.

Neetu Chandra

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Neetu Chandra is another multi-talented Bihari girl who has marked her name in many fields. The actress entered Bollywood in the year 2005. After doing so many films, she launched her own production house, Champaran Talkies. One of the films of her production house was a national award-winning film. Apart from films, she is equally dedicated to dancing & games. She is a Passionate sportsperson.

These were the women who have marked their name in the fame list proving that Bihari women are no less than anybody. All these women have successfully signified their positions among the bigwigs & amazed everybody through their achievements.

No wonder, India is still struggling for equality for the potential of both men & women, these women have proudly vowed the world with their passion breaking all the stereotypes. They truly deserve a standing ovation.