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How to get a good body posture? Get the best posture corrector tips-

Having a correct posture is important not only because it makes you feel better, it is also healthy for muscles, joints, blood circulation and the mind.

What is good body posture?

good body posture

By posture, we understand a position in which you keep your body in space. A good posture provides the ability to maintain a given position, whether it is erect, sitting or lying down, or carry out any movement using the minimum of muscle contraction and tension in the ligaments.

The benefits of good body posture

A good posture gets:

  • Reduce fatigue, since muscles are used efficiently and therefore, the body needs less energy to move.
  • Keep bones and joints aligned correctly.
  • Minimize the loads on the joints.
  • Decrease the tension in the ligaments keeping the joints aligned.
  • Prevent muscle tension and fatigue problems.
  • Prevent back pain and pain in the neck.
  • Help increase self-esteem and make you look more beautiful.

Maintaining a correct posture should be comfortable and natural. But initially, when you start to change the old position for that more correct and functional, our body can be affected and feel “uncomfortable” in this new position. This is normal for the muscles, ligaments, and joints begin to function differently and it takes a few days, before, to feel comfortable and relaxed in your new position.

Best posture corrector tips-

posture corrector

One small piece of advice we can give to improve your position at this moment is to start “feeling taller”. In fact, all the muscles that make you feel taller are the same muscles that improve your posture.

  • So when you’re standing: do as if you want to grow, try to feel taller!
  • Keep your head erect with your chin a little inward.
  • Keep more or less on the same line the ears with your shoulders.
  • The knees stretched and the back straight.
  • Leave the arms down in a natural way along the body.
  • Keep your shoulders back.
  • Slightly contract the abdominal muscles and try not to rotate the hip backward.
  • Make sure that the foot arch is in a neutral position with a minimum of space between the floor of the foot and the ground (not flat feet).
  • Distributes the weight of the body on the front of the feet and not just on the heel.
  • Keep your feet about the width of your shoulders.
  • If you have to stand and stand for a long time, move the weight of the body from one foot to another or from the heels to the toe.

How is it possible to quickly check the position?

Stand next to a wall with your shoulders and buttocks in contact with it. In this position, also the back of the head should be in contact with the wall; If this is not possible, it means that the head is forward and not in line with the rest of the body putting the muscles of the neck and shoulders under tension and this could eventually lead to pain and discomfort.

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