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What is a Butt Enhancement Cream? How Does it Works?

Have you ever looked at someone’s butt and just drooled? The perfect curves, the right size and how that dress amazingly cling on their body? Maybe you want a great booty but you’re afraid that all the things that can go wrong will go wrong.

While there are many beauty treatments to get your dream beauty and figure, a butt enhancement cream is one way to go. But, with so many similar products popping up in the market, it becomes difficult to know which ones are genuine and which ones are not. This article will answer some, if not all, questions you might have.

What is a butt enhancement cream?

The most obvious question you’ll want to be answered is ‘how does rubbing cream on my butt increase its size?’ A Butt enhancement cream is designed to add fat deposition on the targeted area. Once you rub this cream on your butt, the active ingredients which are mostly made of herbal products are absorbed.

You will also wonder how the cream only works on the butt when it is being absorbed into the bloodstream. The good news is that, if you use genuine butt enhancement creams, the active ingredients will mostly be absorbed on the applied area. This ensures that only your booty becomes bigger and not the other body parts.

Exercise caution when buying a butt enhancement cream:

There are so many brands of these creams in the market, with each promising to deliver great results. While the genuine butt enhancement cream is mostly made up of herbal products, the fake ones are made of chemically processed ingredients. Some of this cheap creams come with various effects.

  • Absorption into the bloodstream causing other body parts to be enlarged e.g. the breasts- genuine butt enhancement creams only work on the intended area.
  • Lack of absorption- some manufacturers, in a bid to cut on costs, use cheap products and make the creams too thick. When applied on the butt, these creams fail to penetrate the body and just lay there on the surface of the butt.

If you decide to invest in your butt, it is important to make sure that the products you are using are genuine. The effects of fake products are not only superficial but can be harmful to your health.

Good news! Genuine butt enhancement cream does exist!

Currently, scientific research has only identified 2 ingredients that work. When combined, they both produce amazing results on your bum.

The first ingredient has the same effect as the active hormones during puberty. It is absorbed into the bloodstream. It only stimulates the receptors that are responsible for making the hips wider by increasing fats in those parts.

The second product is more physical as it is only effective on the receptors for the fat cells and the superficial skin layer, increasing fat deposition on the booty. This ingredient is slow acting but results can be seen within one to two months.

Let’s face it, we don’t only want a bigger booty but also one that looks less artificial and more natural. For the best results, it is advisable to combine the butt enhancement cream with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This will not only make your bum bigger but also more rounded and lifted, giving it a natural look.