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Engagement Ring Etiquette: How to Take Care of New Engagement Ring?

Congratulations! An engagement is something to be celebrated. You’re counting down to the big day. You’re calling friends and family. And you’re probably showing your new engagement ring to everyone you know, too. It’s a wonderful, exciting time.

Do’s and Don’ts for your New Engagement Ring


Be sure to take care of your precious new ring. You’ll want to protect it for the long-term, so it sparkles well into your golden years. So, when is it appropriate for you to take your engagement ring off? Here’s a handy list that will help you keep your ring as strong as your future marriage:

Don’t wear your engagement ring to the gym

Some precious metals, like gold, silver, and platinum, are sensitive to heat. While you’re working up a sweat, your ring may expand and contract leading to shape and setting issues. Protect your ring from deformity by taking it off before you workout. If you do wear your ring to the gym, be careful. Sometimes your body swells as you work out, and you may notice that your ring feels very tight during your exercise. If this happens, don’t force your ring off. Wait for your body to cool down before attempting to remove your ring. This way, you will avoid stretching the metal or hurting your finger.

Take it off before you moisturize

Lotions and moisturizers can create a film on your ring and make diamonds look cloudy. Put your ring aside for a moment to keep it clean and clear. Your face will thank you, too, because it’s best not to scrape your skin with your ring as you wash and moisturize.

Protect it from cleaning products and grease

If you’re doing housework or cooking, place your ring somewhere safe. Harsh chemicals from cleaning supplies and grease from cooking can make your ring dirty. Over time, dirt and grease can build up in your ring and make the setting fragile. Tip: use the time you’re not wearing your ring to give it a little sparkle. Hot water and dishwashing liquid make for a great cleanser. Just make sure your ring is safely soaking in a bowl, away from any drains. Then dry it off with a cotton or linen towel.

Going for a dip? Leave your ring at home

Aside from losing your ring in the pool or ocean, chemicals and salt water can have negative effects on your precious jewelry. Avoid weathering, discoloring, and setting issues by going ring-free in the water. If you do choose to wear your ring to the pool or beach, make sure you have it with you when you exit the water.

If you follow these tips, you’ll keep your ring in the best shape. It will sparkle for years to come. Remember that if you feel your ring is starting to look worn or a diamond is loose, take it to your jeweler to be looked at. Many jewelers will tighten or fix the ring they sold your fiancé for free – for life. It’s a nice perk and a good way to keep your jewelry looking nice.