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9 Things To Do When Your Child Starts Preparing For College

Sending your child to the college might sound like a daunting task for the first-timers. This especially gets complicated when your loved one wants to move out of the city/country.

What to do when your Child Starts Preparing for College?

Well, special ambitions need special preparations. Both parents and students must start preparing for higher studies while they are in school. Here are a few points to consider:

1. Plan ahead


These days education is not only expensive but challenging too. The different courses, the multiple colleges make it confusing for both parents and children. Additionally, the expense associated with fine education must also be arranged for. Thus, it is very important to plan for the finances well ahead. With Financial concern sorted out, you will have more time to deal with the emotional transition.

2. Make your Teen Self Sufficient:

save money

Home is where your children can live the way they want to. Of course, there are rules, but there are no punishments on breaking them, no strict decorum, no challenges. However,  college is just the opposite. Not only is one expected to adhere to the strict rules, but he/she is also expected to overcome the daily challenges. The best way to prepare your teen and of course yourself is by:

  • Let him/her do his own work like making a bed, laundry, etc.
  • Make him/her aware of the daily schedules.
  • Teach him the importance of managing his expenses and saving money.

3. Make Sure Your Teen Takes up The Right Course:

 choose career

At this stage, children stand on very slippery grounds. Though they are grownups, they still fail to understand what is right for them. Thus, they might take up courses which may not be suited to their merit of intelligence. As parents, aid your teen to apply for the courses which suit them. However, don’t be authoritative during the process. Sit with them while they study on the courses being offered by the different colleges. Also, be aware of these common myths around choosing college major.

4. Making him aware of your financial planning:

financial planning
Once you start planning for the college expenses, get your teen involved. Discuss the possibility of student loans and budgeting. Apart from the major expenses such as tuitions and textbooks, talk about small expenses such as transportation during holidays. At this point, talk about whether or not your teen will require a job for pocket money.

5. Look for tutoring service if needed:


In a few cases, some children are weak in certain subjects. This can be a hindrance in college entrance exams. The best way to cope up with this issue is to get a good tutor. A well-trained tutor will not only help your child getting good marks in school, but it will also help a lot in clearing college entrance tests.

You can go for an expert tutor in your locality. But if you can’t find a subject expert in your locality, getting your kid enrolled in online tutoring services is also a wise choice. Plus point, there is no restriction on time.

6. Make your child aware

guide well

Since your teen will now be standing on the threshold of adulting, it is important to explain the dangers of getting into relationships and drugs in college. It is very common to get attracted to the opposite gender but career should be the first priority. However, do not lecture, but explain what would be the ideal thing to do if he/she finds himself in such a position.

7. Don’t control their lives


The last thing you want to do is to kill your relationship with your teen before he/she heads out to a college. Yes, you should take care of your child at every stage but don’t force your opinions on them. Do not try to dominate and monitor every aspect of his/her life. Let them make their own mistakes and learn from them. At the least, you can point them out what is right and what is not.

8. Keep Discussing with your Teen


Like parents, teens too might be stressed and worried about the change that is on the way.  It is important to talk to them often and ensuring that all will be fine. Do not forget to point it out to them that he/she is most welcome to share his/her concern with you. It is advisable not to burden them with your views at this stage. Keep an open mind and listen to them.

9. Reduce dependency:


If you have been handling all the doctor’s appointment for your teen, cooking, laundry and the daily chores for him/she, this might be time to let it go. Since he/she will be heading to college soon, it is important that he/she learns how to deal with the everyday things without your help. This is an important aspect of adulting.

Once your teen goes out to a college, his/her life will change, and so will yours. Adult together and keep the bond stronger than ever.

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