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Why you should Choose Eyelash Extensions?

How to get appealing eyes with eyelash extensions?

Thick and long eyelashes have continued to remain a symbol of beauty, and they will always stay this way. Today, with the advent of the different ways of getting eyelash extensions, every woman can easily follow her dreams of getting sparkling, luscious eyes anytime she wants. Lash extensions are generally a process to make your present eyelashes longer and extended than before. Eyelash extensions can either be permanent or semi-permanent. However, there is another class of false eyelashes that turns into one-time wear. They are generally worn along with makeup and taken off at the time of removing your makeup.

When you mention the word ‘eyelash extension’ you mean either permanent or semi-permanent effect that you can consider. The idea of permanent extension generally comprises a surgical session. Here, the eyelids get implanted with novice hair follicles. These follicles grow into eyelashes of greater length and thickness. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions can be done at home. To do this, you will receive home-based extension kits of different varieties and brands. You only have to attach the eyelashes extensions into your real eyelashes with an adhesive.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

eyelash extensions benefits

There are many benefits of eyelash extensions.

  • The primary benefit is they provide your eyelashes with a thicker, longer, and a more natural look.
  • They make your eyes look more open, and they have got a distended look, so, people get drawn to your eyes automatically.
  • Longer eyelashes make people with drooping eyelids, look fresher and younger. As not every person is born with naturally long eyelashes, so, there are available many eyelash products that can help them.
  • For making the most beautiful selection, you must understand the growth of your eyelashes. Like hair, eyelashes are influenced by genetics, and so, many people don’t have longer eyelashes.

Again, the regrowth of your eyelashes is dependent on a few factors, like the growth of your hair you have lost and genetics. At times, people can’t stimulate the growth of their eyelashes. So, they opt for the fake eyelashes that can provide them with an improved look. Among the false eyelashes, the products that deserve the leading position are indeed eyelash extensions. They propose the users thicker and longer eyelashes with various lasting periods. However, most of them last for nearly two months. By this, it is meant, they turn as a better choice compared to other eyelash growing products.

Things to keep in mind

  • Prior to your adding fake eyelashes, you must ensure that they are clean. This means they shouldn’t have dirt, oil, or makeup residue as they can spoil the adhesive
  • When the procedure gets completed, you are suggested to refrain from washing your face for nearly four hours as contact with water will destroy the glue.
  • According to the beauticians, people should also stay away from bathing, pools, and saunas for many days after the extension process.
  • Besides, ladies are also advised to keep themselves away from eyelash curlers as they tend to split the eyelashes.
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