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How to Choose a Good Cleaning Service for Your Office?

There are many reasons why you should keep your office clean. You might say it’s common sense. First, and usually most important for business owners, a clean office is bound to impress your clients and customers. On the other hand, a messy office is bound to hurt your reputation as it says a lot about your work ethic. But let’s not forget the people who spend nearly as much time in the office as they do at home – your employees. A cluttered, messy and dirty office is going to affect their productivity.

However, small businesses and startups may not be able to afford to have a cleaner on their payroll. With these businesses, every cent counts. But that doesn’t mean your employees have to work in a mess. With the help of a professional cleaning service, your office could be sparkly clean in just a day.

Here are the tips to choose a good cleaning service-

Hiring a cleaning service for an office is a great idea, but choosing the right cleaning service can also affect the cleanliness of your office. In this article, we’ll run you through the basics of choosing the best cleaning service for your business.

Make Sure Their Staff is Trained

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As you probably already know, the quality of a service can be determined by whether the company employs trained or untrained staff. The cleaning service you employ should have a team of dedicated, experienced workers familiar with different cleaning methods. That will ensure that the job is not half-done but that every corner of your office is scrubbed clean. You can tell an experienced maid from an inexperienced one by how much cleaning products they use, how thorough they are and how well protected they are. Some of the cleaning agents used can be very dangerous and the staff should be properly equipped to handle the job.

They Should Have Experience in Cleaning Offices

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Cleaning an office is not the same as cleaning a home. Most cleaning services are flexible, meaning they will come in to clean your office when you need them to. However, in some cases, the cleaning service might have to do their job during working hours. Therefore, it’s important that the cleaning service does not disturb your employees while they’re doing their job. You can expect this type of synergy from a professional cleaning company. These companies also make sure they use cleaning equipment that makes less noise.

Make Sure They Offer Solutions for Every Problem

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Not every office is the same in that every office has different types of furniture made from different materials. That also goes for the office equipment, appliances, and surfaces. A reputable cleaning company can meet all of those demands. Additionally, some business owners only want certain parts of company cleaned. A good cleaning service can meet all their client’s demands.

See If They Have Insurance


As we already mentioned, some chemicals used by maids might be very dangerous. In case they get exposed to them, you want to be sure the cleaning company insures their workers. If not, you will be responsible for any injuries the maids sustain and ensuing medical costs. To prevent that, make sure to ask about the type of insurance the cleaning company provides for their employees.