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5 Quirky Clothing Subscriptions to Win Over Fashion in 2019

Since the 30s, the global clothing industry has grown tremendously. According to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the clothing sector is a $12 billion industry and the average spending per family per year is $1,700.

The surprising thing is that most of these families rely on subscription boxes to supply them with the clothes they need. In reference to Switch Fix, the online platform that pioneered clothing subscription services, millions of consumers globally are going for clothing subscriptions since they are assured of versatility in terms of trends and affordability.

Top Clothing Subscriptions

So far, Stitch Fix boasts of over 2.2 million subscribers and they have managed more than $1 billion in online sales. Nowadays, a majority of consumers are not just going for subscription boxes because they are a convenient shopping option but they are looking for quirky clothes and quirky offers. In this respect, here are the top clothing subscription boxes that are making headlines:

  1. Stitch Fix

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As aforementioned, no subscription box has been on the market longer than Stitch Fix. They are a popular choice for most consumers because of two major reasons. To begin with, they provide you with five customized casual clothes designs to try out upon subscription. The custom-made clothes are designed based on the style that you pick and your budget. Secondly, they offer you free shipping for all online orders. This also applies to return orders. As a subscriber, you are charged $20 as styling fee. In case you decide to take all the five clothes that are sent to your address, you receive a 25% discount off your order. In most cases, you are able to enjoy up to $275.

  1. Sock Fancy

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Sock Fancy Subscription box delivers custom-made socks on a monthly basis. They offer free shipping for the orders that you make and you are allowed to cancel your subscription any time you feel like. The socks are not your regular socks. They are fancily designed to give a unique and trendy look. Most options are casual but there are a few that look official. You are required to pick the subscription that you like and customize your order. During the customization process, you need to enter the size, style, and sub length that you like at the checkout page. There are three major subscriptions to consider; Basic Subscription ($11/month), Gift Subscription ($33/month), and Six-Pack Subscription ($57/month). It all depends on the plan that is flexible to you.

  1. Newish

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From the name, you get all the newest clothes and accessories on Newish. The only shortfall is that they only ship the products in the US and it may take up to 5 days. The starting price for the subscription boxes is about $39.99/month. Essentially, you are provided with two plans to choose from. The first one is the Eco-Mini plan which allows you to order two sets of clothes or accessories. The second one is Eco-Fix which allows you to enjoy four pieces of either clothes or accessories. You are required to first fill a styling survey online for what you like before making a formal order.

  1. Style Plan

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Are you looking for the latest and most unique clothes? You have a perfect subscription box in Style Plan. The trends range from modern cuts to classic designs. The materials are innovatively chosen and designed to make the clothes stand out from most fashions. When subscribing, you are required to only pay $25/month as the styling fee. Whenever you make an order, you are provided with three customized styles to try at home. The prices for the attires range from $19.50 (in the case of t-shirts) to about $89.50 (in the case of denim jackets). To make an order, you are required to enter the details of the clothes that you want in a short survey.

  1. Fabletics

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Lastly, if you are looking for the finest athleisure wear, Fabletics has you covered. Whether you are looking for something to wear to the gym or to a yoga studio, there is an array of quirky options to choose from. Other than sports clothes and sports shoes, you can also order complementary accessories. The options come in fun prints and amazing colours to suit your individual taste.

Closing Thoughts

The above clothing subscription boxes provide you with an easy way to get the most quirky and trendy wears. You only need to pick a subscription plan that suits your dressing needs and one that you can comfortably pay for each month. You can also opt for them if you’re a fashion blogger on Instagram who loves surprise their followers.

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