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5 Colorful and attractive room decor ideas for teenage girls

Lilac and pink are among the foremost color options that you have in mind while painting a teen girl’s room. Certain fairytale ingredients like butterflies and flowers constitute some of the most common room decor ideas for youngsters. These colors tend to come in combination with other colors like orange, light blue and green. Few of the most common items that are seen in a teenager’s room include various forms of decorative items, her bed, her wardrobe and her desk. Quite often, the things that you see depict a unique manner of expressing her stylish personality.

A teenager girl never wants her mood to be spoiled even after she gets back home from a midnight outing with her friends. Entering a dark and shabby room is beyond any question. Her room holds her own personal fantasies to make it her favorite place in the house. All creative parents choose to add a touch of creativity in a way that projects the hobbies of their precious young princess. Checking out the latest fashion trends online might just help them turn her small world into a world of sheer happiness. Most of the trendy accessories that you come across while visiting the e-commerce shopping portals are now designed keeping to match the tastes and preferences of teenagers. You may simply place your order with brands like Zipker and Myntra just to win over her heart. Also, you can’t hope for more, when you have so many ways to shop with the rangrage coupon codes online.

Following are the room decor ideas for a teenage girl’s


1. Choosing an appropriate wall color

This doesn’t involve any element of challenge. It’s a known fact that most teenage girls are fond of shades of yellow and pink besides a few rare pastel tones like those in yellow and violet. Your daughter might even be among teenagers that prefer to go with the more eco-friendly shade of green. You must consult her regarding her favorite color before zeroing in on one. She might just feel like opting for a few contrasting tones besides combinations of dark and lighter shades to gain that touch of sophistication.

2. Picking the right theme

room theme

Most teens and kids acknowledge some of the most popular themes. The accurate details of some themes make it to the popularity charts. A story can be replicated more accurately when you take smallest of details into account. You must consider the inclination of your teen towards seasons, celebrities, and movies besides counting upon her favorite pastime. Walls depicting certain mosaics, comics, and posters even develop that eye-catchy look.

3. Considering a few rare lighting options

Fixtures look outdated and dull when you’re considering your central ceiling. Be a bit creative and get something white or glassy installed in positions just to catch the attention of visitors. If your teen is keenly interested in establishing a cool look in her room, then you may consider faux gems as well as vintage lamps. Colorful globes may even seem more attractive to some of her friends.

4. Painting all furniture

Some girls do have their unique priorities. She’s your daughter after all! Don’t get surprised when you see a lamp in dandelion yellow or a desk in lipstick red. You may paint a few good pieces with a brush; you might find it tough to find pieces that exactly complement each other in the marketplace. Place furniture that acquires smaller space but adds to your comfort.

The size of your furniture is something that you need to reduce in order to create that spacious look. Your daughter doesn’t need a big sofa. She’s likely to feel comfortable with a few foldable chairs or some high barstools.

5. Determining the wallpapers

Painting takes more time than using wallpapers. Wallpapers are your best bet when you teenager is more likely to change her mind. She’s bound to fall in love with the dynamic and funky wallpapers that you see online and around. You aren’t too late to experiment with some of the vibrant colors that you have. 3D wallpapers, posters depicting her favorite sports icon and those live draperies would match your elegant neutral tones. You may set a backdrop for your white sofa by combining graphics in black and orange. The images that you put in her room seem more dramatic when you add a few green draperies to develop that sharp look.

Clean the room and steer clear of all things that can add up to the unwanted mess. Remember that even a slight shortage of space can turn the smallest items awfully messy. To make things look more effective, you must restrict the content to what seems more functional and pleasant at the same time.