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What to Wear with Converse Shoes To Look Stylish and Elegant?

Converse shoes are such versatile pair of shoes. They can be dressed up with a beautiful, lace dress and some fancy jewelry or worn more casually with some ripped jeans and a crop top. However, when you decide to wear them, you’ve got to look and feel great!

There are many ways you can style your outfits in order to make it look elegant, even when you’re wearing converse. The best thing about them is that they’re comfortable and you can walk for miles without getting any unwanted blisters. Despite their popularity within street fashion, so many people wonder what to wear with converse in order to look their best and feel confident whilst not overdressing their outfit.

6 Styling Tips with Converse Shoes-

That’s exactly why we’ve created a list of the best outfits you can wear with your beloved converse whilst still looking elegant as always! After some research, we found that there are so many ways to wear them. You might not even know them all.

1. Washed Out Jeans and a Plaid Shirt

look 1

Nothing says street style quite like a pair of washed out (maybe ripped) denim jeans paired with a plaid shirt and some classic converse. Wow, your friends during your days out shopping with an outfit that shows how stylish and modern you really are. Elegance is key to many outfits! And you can easily add some by wearing dainty pieces of jewelry and some stylish reading glasses. Wearing converse doesn’t have to feel like a task. Show off your style naturally by pairing them with all different outfits from your wardrobe. Washed out jeans go perfectly with a look like this as they’re bright and chic which just completely tops off your look.

2. Off-the-Shoulder Top with Shorts

As the months get warmer, and the summer begins, we look at refreshing our wardrobes. This includes changing up our woolen jumpers for strappy vest tops and our thick, black leggings with some distressed denim shorts. Off-the-shoulder tops are the personification of elegance and chicness, no matter what color they are. They always look amazing. You can either tuck it into your shorts or let it flow, either create a look that is ready for that summer sunshine.

Rock your new outfit out to social events like a dinner date with your girlfriends or even a casual stroll along the beach. When it gets hot you’re sure to be looking and feeling cool in an outfit like this too. Don’t worry about any jewelry or other accessories, your favorite pair of converse completes this look. If you’re not loving look like this and still don’t know what to wear with converse, keep on reading to find out more elegant outfits!

3. Striped Dress

stripped dress

They may not be everyone’s first thought when they think about what to wear with converse, but dresses are a chic alternative to other outfit choices. What’s even better is that they’re comfortable and they look great too! We would recommend a striped dress (possibly navy or dark green!) and your favorite pair of patterned converse for a casual first date or maybe even a day in college. There is an endless number of styles you could go for. So don’t stop if you can’t find a striped dress you like. There is a whole world full of wholesale dresses just waiting to be bought with patterns on like polka dots and triangles, everything you could ever imagine!

4. Red Dress and an Oversized Cardigan

red top

For those of you who prefer plainer dresses or don’t want to rock patterns this season, try going red (or yellow, that’s totally in too!) Red dresses are a classic sign of elegance. It’s the perfect outfit to wear when you’re wanting to feel the love. Pair your red dress with a neutral colored oversized cardigan and your dark converse then you’re ready for any occasion. You may already have a favorite dress you could rock with converse. So if you don’t want to buy a new one then you can do a fashion show for your parents and see if they think your dress and converse match together! To look extra cute and ready for the summer season wearing a matching colored dress and converse shoes. For example, a chic red dress and some bright red converse can look amazing.

5. Midi Skirt and Blouse

long skirt

Stylish office-wear is hard to come by these days, especially if you prefer comfort over those dreaded heels. The converse isn’t typical office-wear staples and may not conform to office dress codes. But they’re perfect for the days you’re allowed to dress down. Pairing them with a classic below-the-knee midi skirt and a lightly colored blouse shows off how elegant and stylish you really are. Finish off this look by adding a leather backpack and maybe a denim jacket, then you’re ready to hit the streets. If you’re wanting a slightly chicer look, try a light-colored midi skirt too. Elegance is mostly about showing your angelic side and wearing white really shows this off. This look is pretty complete without too many accessories. So if you’re wanting to wear some jewelry then try to make sure it’s dainty and not too bulky. Keep the attention on your outfit!

6. Varsity Jacket and Skinny Jeans

Converse shoes are considered one of the most fashionable pieces of footwear you can own, and they’re super comfortable. For those who are looking for a sporty yet stylish look, a varsity jacket paired with your converse and some jeans may be the answer to all of your fashion problems! If you’re wanting to look extra cute this season you can always add some statement jewelry to your outfit too!

That’s it! By taking our advice and wearing these outfits with converse, you’re sure to feel and look elegant for any occasion. Fashion is all about self-expression so change up the outfit ideas to whatever suits your style the most.  You can always look stylish and chic if you know what to wear with converse. Especially if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and wear something you might not normally.