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Planning for Custom Uniforms for your Employees? Know these 5 Tips

There are many companies that seem to have their brand and marketing plan down to a science. What most companies do not understand is that their brand is represented in all that they do; from the products that they sell to the look and attitude of the shop, as well as the mannerisms, attitudes, and clothing of their employees.

Plan the right Custom Uniforms for your Employees

A brand is critical if you want to be remembered by customers and a great way to do this is to require your employees to wear a uniform that represents your brand. Here are some tips for customizing a uniform that your employees will love and your customers will remember.

  1. Employee input


When you are planning for a customized uniform for your employees, the most important part is to consult the employees themselves since they are the ones who will be wearing the uniforms. Ask for their input in matters design and material and any feedback for designs that you have in mind. By involving them in the designs, you will make them feel like their opinion is valued and they will probably perform even better in their jobs. Also involving them in the design process will help them choose a material that is comfortable enough for them to use in their daily work activities.

  1. Company brand


Another important factor to consider when designing custom uniforms for your employees is the company’s brand. Design choices have a huge effect on how the company and the employees are viewed by the public. Design the uniforms based on the target market for your company. If it is for kids, have colorful simple polo shirts with the company logo and opt for a more modern-official wear geared towards working professionals. In addition to the design and fabric, color is important, as it mirrors the company’s brand. A company which runs on blue cannot have its employees wearing orange uniforms as this would be conflicting. Additionally, in the design, do not forget to factor in accessories to be worn with the uniforms, like caps and name tags. You can create superb uniforms online on NNT Customised, where you can create the uniforms using different materials for different functions at affordable prices.

  1. Functionality

When designing custom employee uniforms, you have to factor in the functionality of the design you have chosen. The uniforms should be able to work for the type of job being performed by the employees while keeping them comfortable. For example, jobs that involve a lot of physical work and sweating, you should consider a design that is lightweight and incorporating materials that absorb a lot of moisture. Having a stylish and functional uniform which drives the company brand will make an impact on the employees themselves who will perform better and customers who will come in throngs.

  1. Quantity


Designing custom uniforms for your employees can be a little bit strenuous and expensive if you dive in too deep with design and materials. This is even worse when the number of uniforms to be made is not many. To get over this roadblock, you need to order the uniforms in bulk, which will not only give you extra pieces but will also be cheaper to make. The extra uniforms will be useful when there are any tears to employees’ uniforms or when you get new employees, removing the need to order more.

  1. Single or multiple designs


When you are designing uniforms for your employees, you need to consider whether you want a single uniform for all the employees, or you want there to be different designs for different employees according to rank. The trick, however, is to create a standard uniform, but with slight variations to reflect different ranks of the employees to the customers.