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How to Cut Tile with a Tile Cutter? Follow these easy steps.

Tile cutting is a sensitive job and a little bit of wrong cutting will destroy the look of installation. So, it is important to cut the tile correctly and cleanly. If you are planning to cut the tiles by own then you already have taken a great decision. But you have still a long way to go to cut the tiles smoothly. In this article, I will show you how to cut the ceramic tiles with a simple snap tile cutter.

Step by Step Guide for using Tile Cutter


There are many types of tile cutting but most of the time you will need a straightforward cut. However, you will also need to cut the tile into different shapes. The general process of cutting the tile is same and it doesn’t matter which type of cut you are going to perform. I will show you how to cut ceramic tiles smoothly with a snap tile cutter machine.

  • Choose the right type of tile cutter

There are different types of tile available in the market including marble, metal, glass, and other technical metals. There are different types of tile cutter for different type tile materials. The wrong type of cutter will make your tiles unusable. If you are going to cut ceramic tiles for wall covering then you will need to buy a stronger tile cutter. There are many tile cutter for ceramic tiles available in the market at affordable price. If you are going to cut large porcelain tiles then you will need a multifunctional tile cutter.

  • Make the measurements

To cut the tiles efficiently you will need to do some exact measurements. On the other hand, this process will help you to do the job in a short time. It will give you more accurate cutting. Just mark the area with a pencil and scale and record the measurements.

  • Setup the tile

Put the machine on a flat surface such as the workbench or something like that. Setup the tile you are going to cut in the top edge of the cutting machine so that it can cut the tile from your marked line. Now lift the handle of the machine and incline the pressure pad for angling out from the way. Then move the tile for starting from the bottom of it.

  • Score the tile

You positioned the tile under the machine perfectly. Now you will need to score the tile. Score the tile by gently turning the carbide scoring wheel from the lowermost to the top of the tile surface. You may do it for several times to get a better result. However, you should not score too much as it will increase the chance of cracking the edge of the glaze and it can up with an unsmooth finishing edge.

  • Snap the Tile

You have completed the scoring of your tile perfectly. Now you will need to snap cut your tile. Turn the handle with your hand and the pressure bar pad will drop down on the center of the tile. Increase the pressure gradually. The pressure will force on both sides of the tile over the metal snapping ridge. You will get a cleanly tile cutting at the end.

The perfect cutting of a tile will depend on scoring and snapping. So, you must follow the steps properly for better results.

Things to remember in the time of cutting a tile with tile cutter

The tile cutting as an easy job to do but a wrong step will initially destroy your tiles. Remembering the below points in the time of cutting a tile will help you to get the most efficient result:

  • Use a tile nipper for shaping the tile and cutting the corners of it.
  • You can use a “Tile File”, a sanding tool to smooth the rough edges of the tiles.
  • If you need to drill the tile then use carbide tipped masonry bit.
  • If your tiles are made of soft materials then use a coping saw to cut them.
  • It is better to wear eye protection and gloves too for your safety.

The tile cutting will be an easy job if you do it attentively. Hopefully, the below-mentioned guide will help you to cut your tiles smoothly and efficiently. If you face any issue at the time of cutting following the method, please let us know by comment.