What is depression? How to overcome it without losing yourself?

In this article, we will tell you some very useful ways of how to deal with depression. We will tell you everything about depression, tips to deal with depression, consequences of a long-term depression and how to get rid of it.

What is Depression?

Depression is a state in which a person feels low and could not find happiness. Feeling low is a perfectly natural part of life. Sometimes we lose people whom we cared about, things go wrong and people let us down but it is never right to take it to heart and remain sad by not letting that go.

When this condition of feeling down prolongs to a week or a month and it is restraining your ability to interact and communicate with other people, enjoying your life and reducing your work performance then you are more likely to be suffering from some kind of depression.

Depression is related to both negative effects which mean feeling low and secondly of the absence of the positive effect like lacking interest in pleasurable activities. It usually comes with a miscellany of emotional physical and behavioral symptoms. No one knows exactly what is the cause of depression.

It is clear that genetic factor plays an important role in causing depression. A person’s personality and behavioral characteristics are also an important factor in the causes of depression. Another cause of depression which is mostly over looked is physical illness and irregular medication.

Above all, for an escape from depression, you should need to stay healthy and keep your heart healthy because a healthy heart makes your body resistant to diseases. to check your heart condition easily at home you should have a good STETHOSCOPE at home so you can monitor your heart condition easily.


There are a lot of ways to deal with depression. These ways are often used simultaneously with each other.

The basic medical option for treating depression is Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Anti-depressant pills are also used and in some severe cases, Electroconvulsive therapy is used.

Here are some important tips to deal with depression-

Behavior management education and stress coping strategies are also important in dealing with depression. Well here are also some easy ways to overcome depression just with a little change in your habits and thinking.


The first thing to know if you have any kind of depression is its symptoms. If you feel any low the find its problem and check symptoms like anxiety, stress, restlessness etc. It is the main point in dealing with depression. The more accurately you know about the problem the more efficiently you can cure it.


After finding out the symptoms consult your doctor. Let your doctor explore all the possible medical outcomes behind your depression so he can suggest a better treatment. The doctor will also tell you all the information about your depression and you could find information by yourself too.


The most important solution for your depression is to talk to a therapist or a person you feel better with. You can get the best therapy if you are comfortable with your therapist.


 According to the severity of your depression, your doctor will prescribe you medicines. Take each dose on time for better effects. Ask about the medicine and its side effects and be sure to report back to your doctor. If you don’t want to take antidepressants make it clear to your doctor.


Make changes in your daily routine and lifestyle. Get a good night sleep and exercise regularly for getting rid of your depression.

Depression is not just a phase you wait to get over. It’s fight which you need to fight with yourself and win! Just remember you’re not alone, stay strong.

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  1. Depression is such a treacherous disease. I’ve heard it’s really hard to spot so it’s crucial to identify the small tell-tale signs.

  2. You are right to say that its a fight you need to fight with yourself. I think you have done well to talk about a delicate subject and bring awareness aswell as give some helpful advice. The idea of talking to a therapist is a great one

  3. Important tips you have mentioned for helping to deal with depression. I especially agree with lifestyle change. We need to continuously point ourselves in healthy and positive direction. Creating a daily routine that we can look forward to.

  4. I have known a friend who suffered from depression. It was good that her family was able to notice the signs and took her to the doctor immediately. We must be very vigilant to notice the signs and possibly save a life. Thank you for raising awareness.

  5. I find this article informative and important. Nowadays, all ages specially teenagers are experiencing depression which they shouldn’t have. Handling Depression, is something that we really need to discuss and let even our young ones be aware how to deal with.

  6. Thank you so much. This informations is invaluable to someone suffering from depressions and also a useful tool for family members

  7. This is very helpful and interesting. A lot of people are aware and not that they experiencing depression. So informative article like this are helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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