Difference between Full Lace Wigs and Lace Frontal Wigs:Which is better?

People who have thin hair or suffers from hair loss uses hair made from horse hair, buffalo hair, wool, and human hair along with their natural hair to overcome their hair problems. The wig is used to add volume and length in people’s hair. Wearing wigs is not new to people. They have been using it for quite a long period of time.

They were present in both ancient and modern days.  It is an artificial way of increasing the length and volume of hair but it gives a natural look. The people not just wore wigs for hair problems but also for fashion purpose too. There are many actors, actress, and models who wore a wig.

Moreover, if someone has small hair but they like long hair then also they wear a wig. The wig should be properly embossed within the hair so it looks natural and doesn’t slip off. Imagine wearing a wig without letting anyone known and suddenly it gets a slip in front of other people.

Difference between Full Lace Wigs and Lace Frontal Wigs:

For the purposes of wigs are different likewise their types are also different. There are different types of wigs made available to the people. The most common and frequently used wigs are the full lace wigs and lace frontal wig. If you are a beginner and wants to wear a wig then you might get confused about the type of wig you are going to select. The confusion exists because you don’t know the difference between the two in actual.

If you are also the one who didn’t know the difference between the two types of wig than don’t panic or worry much because we will be providing you complete information about these two different kinds of the wig. Also, it would be told among the types of wig which one is better and effective to use.

Full Lace Wigs:

The full lace wigs are made up of lace cap and it completely covers the head while the natural hairs are knotted inside the hair with help of our hands. The full lace wigs comprise of lace all around the entire wig and it is the most small-weighted, strong, long lasting, and soft in nature. This kind of wigs is added in the hair by applying a unique and different method as compared to lace frontal wigs.

While adding the wig into the natural hair it is recommended to cover the head with a wig cap. The basic purpose of this wig cap is that it acts as a guard and shield ton our head and causes less damage to our hairs. People can enjoy a naturally classy look in full lace wigs if they added properly and in the right manner.

A good reason to use the full lace wig is that it is wearable during activities like different sporting activities. The full lace wig is versatile in nature as compared to lace frontal wig. After wearing this wig one can styled hair in different styles. The full lace wigs are a bit expensive to use and are not affordable for many of the people. The wig seemed to be a little complicated when applied for the first time but if you’ve practiced a lot then it is not too difficult. Furthermore, the full lace wig is light-weighted and adds less volume as compared to lace frontal wig. It is observed that although the full lace wigs are not easy to apply but still the most common among the people.


  • Light-weighted, durable, and long lasting in nature.
  • The wig cap causes less harm to our hairs.


  • Expensive in rate.
  • Difficult to wear.
  • Adds less volume to hair.

 Lace Frontal Wig:

Lace Frontal Wig:
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The lace frontal wig is regarded as the practical kind of wigs available in the market. This wig is simple and easy to add and remove and adds up more volume as compared to full lace wigs. The lace frontal wig is harmless to use since it contains no toxic chemicals which may cause harm to our hairs. This wig is 2-3 inch in depth from the front and the back of the wig is made like a traditional wig. The net fibers are usually used which are sewed with a machine. The lace frontal wig is added simply glued from the front side while the leashes and strips are pulled back and are combed properly so, it mixes with natural hair completely.

The lace frontal wig enhances the volume of hair more efficiently than full lace wigs. The lace frontal lace is constructed with a sheer lace which is made attached to the hairline from the front side and indicates that the hair grows naturally with such a large volume. While adding the lace frontal wig it should be remembered that the lace area can be parted from the front side only.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Adds more volume to hair.
  • Available at affordable rates.


  • Not versatile in nature.

Which wig is better to use?

In my opinion, the lace frontal wig is a better option than full lace wig. The lace frontal wig is a kind of wig which you can use on regular basis. This is because it is easy to install and removes. Moreover, as compared to full lace wig it is not much expensive in price and adds more volume in hair. It offers all those features and quantities which we look in a wig before wearing.

Before you buy a wig, you must bear in mind these considerations. This article was aimed to provide you the knowledge regarding the type of wigs commonly used in the market and which is the most suitable among them J