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10 Different Types of Bra Every Girl Must Know and Own

Many women forego wearing many outfits in their wardrobe just because they do not have a bra that matches up. Considering the many different types of bra available in the market, this statement is indeed astounding.

Types of Bra:

Here are the most common types of bra that every woman should own:

1. Pushup Bra

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This one is designed in such a way that when you wear it, it pushes your breasts together and then boosts them upwards in such a way that you appear to have a very appealing cleavage. To do this job effectively, these bras have a silicone gel or foam padding on the lower side of the cups. These types of bras come in explosive, gentle and moderate types of push-ups.

2. Plunge Bra

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This bra is designed in such a way that it conforms to the breasts, drawing them lightly to the sides to create that appealing cleavage. It is perfect for the low neckline outfits as it completely stays hidden.

3. T-shirt Bra

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These bras do not show under your skintight clothes. They are also padded so that they can add to your all-time comfort, and they come with cups that do not have seams. However how seamless the bra depends on what you buy, but every t-shirt bra must be padded for comfort. They may also come in different styles like plunge or strapless.

4. Strapless Bra

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When you want to wear a gown that bares your shoulders, you do not want to wear a bra with clear or nude straps because they will show. The solution is the strapless bra, which is designed to be worn without straps whatsoever. It will not fall off since it is secured by an underhand and it is wired for extra strength. Just make sure you choose a fitting size because too tight will make you uncomfortable and too loose will slip off.

5. Bandeau Bra

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This is a stretchy piece of fabric worn by pull over your head and chest to cover and hold your breasts in place. It does not have straps, fastenings of any sort or even cups. Granted, it does not give your breasts a lot of support and so it is recommended to wear it at home.

6. Padded Bra

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Just as their name suggests, these types of bras are designed with padded cups such that when you wear them even with the lightest of your wardrobe, the nipples will hardly show through your top. To give the bra more support, it is underwired, or at times, it is wire-free so that you can enjoy a literal day. The most important thing for a padded bra is to choose one that fits you perfectly.

7. Convertible Bra

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This type of bra is indeed unique in the way it is made. It comes with many slots for hooking the straps which can be detached and attached in as many styles as you choose, the most common is the regular style, but they can also be attached in cross-back style. You can also wear this as a strapless bra if you choose.

8. Balconette Bra

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This bra got its name from the fact that when you wear it, it will form a nice lift and give a more outstanding appearance to your boobs. The cups and the straps are designed in such a way that they almost form a horizontal line with your neckline.

9. Bralette

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It is not wired, it has no lining and it comes unpadded. The simplistic design makes these bras good for wearing either as outerwear or as underwear. Usually, they are made of lace, the straps are wide and they are easy to wear and get out of.

10. Sports bra

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When you take part in the vigorous exercise, you want a bra that is going to hold your breasts firmly in place yet at the same time keep you comfortable. They are designed for exercise and sports and so as you vigorously move, everything stays in place.

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