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6 DIYs to do at Home to Make your Home more Attractive

You may live in a newly built house; it wouldn’t mean that after a while you wouldn’t need to make some adjustment for your home to fit your taste. Understanding some DIY projects would not only help you get some experiences, but you would also save yourself the extra expenses of paying a professional.

6 DIYs to do at Home now!

Being a lady doesn’t mean you should be left out, there are some easy improvements you can make to your home without the need of your husband or a hefty neighbor.

Of course, there are some tedious projects that we do not recommend you to be carried out yourself, but we have some DIY home improvements that are so easy, so even with little or no experience, you can pull it off.

1. Rearrange your wall design

wall des

The original beauty of your home begins with your wall designs, so you can make a significant impact by making a change in your wall design, either by applying new paints or using decorative papers.

To apply a woman’s touch to the walls of your home, all you have to do is wash off the previous dull color, pick up a bucket of paint from a store, with a suiting painting brush and adjust the reality of your home. With a craft knife, you can cut curvy designs on decorative papers and stick them on your walls, doing this would require almost no experience.

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2. Light up your kitchen

lights in the kitchen

For most women, the most favorite place in the house is the kitchen, the looks of your kitchen can tell a lot about you. So try adding extra lights to brighten up your kitchen and eating areas.

You can easily install extra lights, the tools you would need is a screwdriver, a wire cutter and stripper, wire nuts and an electrical tape.

Electricity could be dangerous, so you have to turn off the power from the breaker box before any installation. You also need to ensure you are safe by getting yourself a multimeter to test your circuits for voltage before attempting any electrical work.

3. Solve your sink problem


Clogged sinks are inevitable, inviting a plumber or stressing your neighbors every time would not be the best thing to do. You can handle this jobs yourself, what you need is a box of baking soda and vinegar.

Remove the drain, pour a lot of baking powder into it, and also pour the vinegar. It would bubble so pour the vinegar until the bubbling stops, after that turn on the hot water. Hopefully you clogged sink is cleared.

But what happens when a button from your favorite top or an earring falls down the drain? Instead of feeling regrets, wear gloves, get a locking plier and loosen the slip nuts of the P-traps. When it is loose, slide up the nuts to release the P-traps, then empty its contents into a basin, and retrieve your item. After these just reverse the process, simple right?

4. Do some carpentry


Your home may need some woodworks like a desk, a raincoat rack, a closet shelve, pull out drawers, laptop stand, and many others.

To build woodworks, the tools you would need is some wooden boards, a miter saw, flat metal corner braces, wooden glue, nail gun or hammer, some nails, orbital sanders, and color or stain of your choice.

Rather than paying carpenters, you can do some of these jobs yourself, and make constructions that would be perfect for your posture and suit your taste.

5. Install a Video Doorbell Camera

It might seem a bit difficult, but without needing an electrician, you can install a video doorbell camera to keep tabs on your visitors right from your phone without having to always run down to the door to know who is knocking.

Any regular doorbell camera comes with a guideline to install, so all you have to do is go down to a store and get one, but there is some essential safety precaution you should follow during installation.

The first thing you have to do before you begin to install the camera identifies the circuit that controls your doorbell so you can turn it off, then unscrew the doorbell from the wall and use a multimeter to test the voltage, so you are sure electricity is not running through it.

Now you can disconnect your former doorbell, and follow the instruction of the product you have bought, then turn the circuit on to power your bell.

6. Wrap-up

to do list

Men might prefer to pay the bills, open the doors, and give kind gestures, but everyone loves a lady who can handle her home.

Instead of giving your neighbor a call to come with his toolkit every time until he begins to ignore you, you can handle some of these simple jobs yourself.

Be your own superwoman get some tools and start doing some small repairs and fixings now!