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4 Easily Visible and Considerable Early Signs of Breast Cancer

Did you know that almost 40% cases of breast cancer in India is among women who are below 50 years? Out of these, as high as 16% are in the age group of 20 to 30 years! Over the past few decades, there has been a distinct trend of younger women being diagnosed with breast cancer. The best gynecologists advise periodic check-ups, including mammograms and blood tests. Apart from this, it’s important to be aware of the early signs of the disease.

Early Signs of Breast Cancer


While it’s important to know the early signs of breast cancer, remember that at times the disease has no symptoms. Therefore, breast cancer screening by the best gynecologists in Hyderabad is highly recommended.

1. Lumpiness in the Breast:

Normally, breasts have a bumpy texture. Some women may have more lumps in their breasts than others. If the lumpiness is uniformly felt throughout the breasts, it can be considered as normal. It is only a cause of concern when you detect a new lump that is different to feel. If you notice something that seems like a recent development, opt for a thorough check-up.

2. Discharge from nipples:

Milky discharge from your nipples is natural, especially if it occurs when squeezed. However, this could be a sign of infection. If the discharge is caused automatically without any squeezing and is happening only in one breast, it’s time to seek an appointment with a doctor. Also, check whether the discharge is clear and bloody, rather than milky, which is generally harmless.

3. Pain:

Swelling, tenderness, and pain in the breasts is a common occurrence with the onset of monthly periods. However, if there is a sharp pain at a certain spot in the breast or in the armpits that is new and refuses to go away, it could be a sign of breast cancer. It is better to visit a doctor for further check-ups.

4. Changes in the Breast Skin

If you witness certain changes in the skin of your breasts like dark discolored spots, puckering of the skin or suspicious marks in and around the nipples, these could be warning signs of a possibly serious condition. You might even experience soreness around the nipples along with itchiness and scales around this area. Also, check if your nipples are becoming inverted and pulling inwards. This could be a significant pointer.

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Don’t delay in finding the best gynecologist in Hyderabad and other cities and seeking advice, as early detection could mean a complete cure for breast cancer.