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5 amazing and easy tips to increase confidence level

Confidence? How do you define confidence? or how can one say that you are a confident girl? Confidence is essential to stand above the crowd. Google defines it as “the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something,” but the practical meaning of confidence is much more than it. Many women prepare well for the job interview but don’t get it because they couldn’t represent their knowledge and personality well. Many girls get nervous during college competitions and eventually lose due lack of confidence in themselves.

As a woman, it’s an inbuilt feature that we worry more about our looks, knowledge, personality, and abilities. Most of the women always doubt their individual personalities which decrease their self-confidence. Confidence is more about who are you rather than what you want to be! Here, Womenlite wants every woman to feel confident about themselves and thus we present you:

5 Easy tips to increase confidence level

1. Dress up well.



You don’t have to dress up to impress anyone. Dress up well means that you have to dress up the way you want to get addressed. No matter what the event is, you must dress up in a way that whenever you look yourself in the mirror, you always gain some amount of confidence. It’s not for anyone else, not your classmates, your colleagues, your boss, your friends or even your boyfriend. It’s for you!!

2. Don’t try to please.


Never try to be someone what you’re not. Fakeness is not welcome and you’ll end up messing things. You don’t have to please everyone, you can’t, no one can! Sticking to yourself and being proud of it, is the first step towards a confident life. For instance, if you don’t like to put on makeup but your other classmates do, don’t try to become one of them in order to be with them. It’s all about choices of living life in a certain way.

3. Don’t doubt on your appearance.


Most of the women are never satisfied on how they look and want to change or modify their looks in the desire to look prettier than the rest.  Well, it’s the high time to realize and believe that everyone is beautiful in their way. Obviously, being fit is good and maintaining a good physique also benefit you internally but you don’t have to constantly criticize yourself for being chubby.


4. Stop being anxious.


It is found that women are more anxious than men and anxiety can never let you build your confidence. Anxiety about anything leads to disturbance in mental well-being. Confidence is more related mentally! Situations happen and you can’t control your tension because it doesn’t contribute anything good to the situation. So, how not to feel anxious? Just trust yourself that you can deal with the situation and your one thought can uplift your confidence and courage. So, here is something to encourage you-

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5. Be you

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The simplest thing to increase your level of confidence is just ‘BE YOU.’ You have been learning so many things since your birth and no one is exactly similar to each other. You may have your own ideology and mindset which may not fit in the norms of the society but that doesn’t isolate you from it. You can happily stay within the society by creating your own individuality. Remember your different takes on fashion, love, career, marriage etc, separates you from the stereotypes!

So, a simple short and sweet message is that being confident is just about believing yourself and your capabilities.

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  • Jenny

    I love all the positivity in this article! I always wonder why we are so quick to judge each other yet desperately seek approval from others too! you can only be you no one else x

  • noel

    #1 is cool! when I started running. I thought that everyone would know i wasn’t a runner. Then i went shopping for running gear. After, i wasn’t better but I convinced I was cool with my running gear, confidence went right after that. Sometimes you have to pimp what you see in the mirror so that it will make its way to your brain 🙂

  • Amy Victoria Baldwin

    Great tips! I always have to dress up more/wear make up to feel more confident in myself! But I still do it for me and not for other people. I’m also getting very good at not feeling like I need to please everyone – it’s just a better way to live! ☺️

  • Terri Beavers

    I have a lot of self-doubt when it comes to my appearance. I’m so self-conscious about the things I don’t like about my appearance. I just need to feel confident, print your tips, and apply them every day.

  • Claudia Krusch

    I always feel more confident when I am dressed up a little bit. It seems to put a little pep to my step. These are all great tips for increasing your confidence level.

  • Samantha

    Thank you for sharing something that so many women (including myself) struggle with. I am certainly guilty especially of trying to please everyone.

  • Momina Arif

    Confidence is a tricky one. But I,completely agree that you have to be you and you don’t have to please anyone. I think,those two things make all,the difference for me.

  • Rosey

    I love this! The dressing up nice and comfortable true to you is key. I always feel a huge boost in confidence when I dress up and make an effort.

  • Amanda Love

    Those are simply awesome tips! It’s important to be confident in everything that you do, even when you’re a little unsure. I think these could be helpful to people who find it a little difficult to find their inner confidence.

  • Denice

    Love #1 and #2! Accepting the fact that I can’t please everyone was hard but it helped me become happier and more confident.

  • Claire

    I actually never experienced low confidence before, I’m always confident in myself. However, I agree with you, and I really think being yourself is important and not trying too hard to please everyone is good reminder as well.

  • Katie Kinsley

    My problem is that I DO try to please. I work in customer service so I always have that goal to make the customer happy. It does not help in my self-confidence because I’m not good at speaking up for myself.

  • Besties Notepad

    Don’t try to please others and be you are my favorite mantras. You are what you are 🙂

  • Arra Odeza

    Thanks for sharing this motivational post. Honestly, I am guilty of having doubt in my appearance and anxious all the time. I don’t have the confidence to wear the clothes that I want and also wearing makeup.

  • Jeenu Pillai

    For a decade my mother thought that confidence is something that comes naturally. She has always been conscious of herself. She would never wear something that would actually look good on her just because she isn’t confident enough. Also the fact that we live in India and women in general here are taught not to do what they want to but to listen to the men around. Not her fault. But off late, she has begun to understand it is absolutely necessary to love yourself and do what you feel is good for you. Your posts reminds me the tremendous change that my mother has gone through. I just hope i am making sense.

  • David Elliott

    Mostly it comes down to acceptance of who you are and not trying to be who you are not. This is such an important thing to know in order to improve confidence.

  • Prateek Goel

    Thank you so much for such a post! Such a motivational post. I’ll still not so much confident about few things like my clothing sense, etc. Even I don’t like fake people and they are more near me.

  • sondra

    I really liked all of these but I think the ones that stood out to me most were trying not to please others and remembering to just be yourself. I think we lose sight of those too often.

  • Our Family World

    Thank you for these tips. I am not confident with the way I look, especially when I am around my sisters and cousins who are great dressers and successful in their careers. When we have formal get-togethers, I always opt out because I feel like I would look shabby beside them. I think I have to love myself more and build confidence.

  • Via Bella

    Some of these are easier than others to do but they are great tips. I think some just come with age.

  • Helen

    I suffer with anxiety and it definitely does affect my confidence. I’ll definitely try putting these tips in to practice now.

  • surekha

    Dressing up definitely boosts my confidence level. I love you added a point about Anxiety. It is so me. I ruin a lot of thing because of anxiety. I am learning everyday to get better

  • eliza

    nice write up, this is very timely and helpful for people that doubt their persona, I totally agree with “BE YOU” – you dont need approval to anyone, accept the mere you and just be yourself 🙂

  • Catvills

    I agree with your tip of not doubting your appearance. I can relate to this because I am not very confident with the way I look. I keep comparing myself with my sisters who are tall and slim. This is something I really have to work on.

  • elizabeth o

    The more time we spend being ourselves and not comparing ourselves to others, the better. Good tips and reminders for all to take to heart.

  • Mal

    What a set of fantastic tips. We all struggle with confidence sometimes, I even wrote a blog post about it, just like you. Check it out!

  • hal

    i wear a suit daily so…i guess number 1 is checked.. – number 3 is definitely important whether your female or male – self confidence is a must so i agree with ya