4 easy tips on adding running in your fitness schedule

The health benefits associated with staying in shape are almost endless. Regular physical activity will help ensure that your heart stays strong. It makes your circulatory system is healthy and your mind is clear and your weight is manageable. You will feel better, look better and have a happier outlook on life. There’s no time like the present to launch into a regular fitness regime. Running could offer a perfect starting point for a healthier future.

Running Your Way to a Slimmer, Healthier You


With an estimated 10m recreational runners in the U.S. alone, the activity is fast becoming the world’s most popular form of exercise, and women runners now outnumber men.  For women, running can be an ideal way to get fit and lose that extra weight. In fact, running burns more calories than just about any other activity and there really is nothing else that will help you to lose weight, and then keep it off, the way running does. However, while climbing aboard the running bandwagon is easy,  it will take motivation to stick with it for long enough to enjoy all the benefits.

Cross training for maximum impact

cross training

Whilst running is an excellent form of exercise, it won’t utilize all of your muscle groups. To maximise your overall fitness and boost weight loss, it’s best to combine your running regime with various effective weight loss-focused workouts for the ultimate in cross-training. With a bit of dedication, you’ll be enjoying a slimmer, healthier body in no time. Regular, core-focused cross-training workouts will also help you to avoid muscle strains when running.

Start with a plan

start with a plan

If you’ve never run before, the thought of lacing up your trainers and setting off to pound the pavements alone may seem pretty daunting. How far should you run? What about stretches beforehand? The good news is that plenty of free advice is available. It is helpful for beginners to start on their running journey. The most important advice of all is to start out slowly. Doing too much too soon will increase your chances of injury. Once you get started, you will find that you progress at a surprising pace and most beginners’ programs work towards completing 5K in a matter of weeks.

Run with a friend or join a club

run with a friend

For women, in particular, running on the streets can be an intimidating experience, but having a companion to run with can make all the difference. Most experts suggest that you should run at a tempo that enables you to hold a conversation anyway. Having someone to chat to will make the exercise more enjoyable. If you don’t have a friend to run with, joining a local club is another good option. The growing popularity of running has led to a proliferation of new clubs, including clubs designed specifically for women.