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7 Healthy and Easy weight loss tips : Lose weight not your charm

Hey, …so you are one of the FatBurnAHolic…lolz!! I might be right…This is probably every woman’s dream– Losing Weight ..! Obesity has been spreading like an epidemic around the world. There are around two billion people on this planet Earth, who are obese or overweight and it makes up to 30% of the world’s population. We, the Women, are really sensitive about looking beautiful and to us ‘to be SLIM is to look beautiful’. Having a slim and trim body is one of the requirements by the groom’s family in south-eastern part where mothers’ ‘Bride-Quest’ starts as soon as son lands into a job and sets into earning some bucks….

Are you chubby and planning a FAT-BURNING program? Don’t forget to follow these healthy tips to lose weight gracefully.

7 Healthy and Easy weight loss tips

Many of us have been crossing healthy numbers of weight that definitely makes us FAT. To cut down few pounds from our weight we use rigorous diet and exercise. Sometimes we forget that we are jumping the health boundaries in this race of losing weight.

Being obese is certainly not a healthy sign, but the craving for shaping up your body to slim tone in very short time; surely is not recommended. Few girls opt for weight-loss medicines. It assists positively in bringing you body mass down, but most of the times it leaves a trail of unhealthy fluctuations in your body.

For the sake of leading a happy-go-lucky life, you have to get smart by burning your body fat sensibly. I researched some tips and health hacks and here are few of them for you.

1. Eat Mindfully


One of the weight-losing myths is that you need to starve a lot…which is 100% incorrect. The ‘Divide and Conquer’ policy works well here. Split your meals into several small portions of food. Have small portions of food number of times during a day not only to stay healthy but also to set your stomach against frequent cravings. You also need to choose the type of food that fulfill nutrition demand of body and keeps body lean and smart.

2. Never skip breakfast


Breakfasts are like fuel to the body. Your body requires a start-up meal in the beginning of the day. Omitting breakfasts from your daily plan will never help you burn calories. The elderly women in sub-continent usually tell their daughters of not skipping the breakfasts lest they would lose freshness from their face. It is also said that ‘Have breakfast like kings..!’ which certainly reveals the importance of having morning meals.

3. Eat more and more fruits and Vegetables


Yes, a good news for all veggie and fruit lovers! Fruits and veggies are low in fat and calories and have plenty of fiber. Not only they have these natural nutritional elements which help you boosting up energy levels and satisfying food-desires…but also maintain your skin toned positively.

4. Have plenty of normal tap water

Increasing the intake of water certainly, assists in the weight-losing plan. It is good for skin as well. The minimum 8 glasses of it preserve skin moisture but also gives you feeling as if your stomach is full and makes you eat in small quantity.

5. Increase the intake of high-fiber food

The high fiber food makes you feel full that is very helpful in cutting down your weight. So, you don’t have to necessarily fill your empty stomach again and again!

6. Be Active

Being lazy means putting on lots of weight so BE ACTIVE!! A sluggish lot of people definitely gain lots of weight because their lethargic behavior doesn’t allow them to perform high energy activities. So, instead of burning calories, they add a noticeable amount of fat in their bodies.

7. Be Patient


Cutting-down Kilos from your body is not an easy task, so pace up slowly with your plan to stay healthy. Don’t lose patience, which is a key to your success….and yes do not opt for fake weight-losing pills…because those can be reckless to HEALTH…!!

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GET GOING…and get a slimmer figure with these hacks.

This article is written by Wajiha Naim. Womenlite heartedly thank you for your contribution to our website.

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