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5 Essay Writing Tips to Enhance your Writing Skills

A good essay writing it in a perfect way that grabs the attention of readers is important. A well written essay involves following some simple rules to ensure that you keep the reader interested.  Your essays will get better with experience and practice will make it easier to understand how to write flawlessly. The weight of research and correctness of grammar cannot be emphasized enough.

Essay Writing Tips-

Read some sample essays to get an idea how to initiate, analyze and conclude a topic. You can get a sense of grammar and effective style of persuasion from an existing essay. Avoid choosing topics that are too technical and require specialized knowledge, in which case you may not be able to keep the general reader interested.

Here are some tips you help you get started with your essay:

1. Choose a topic and prepare a question

choose the topic

If you have a topic assigned already, you can prepare a question you want to answer with your essay. You need to fix the scope of your essay and define boundaries that will become the outline for your essay.

If you are given an option to choose your own topic, then choose a subject you are familiar with and have enough knowledge to substantiate your claims with evidence from various sources, if necessary.  You should be able to develop a clear thesis statement and support it with the rest of your essay content.

Regardless of the topic, you must ensure that your essay does not drift beyond your thesis or question and the boundaries you have defined for your topic. The essay should follow a logical order in which you define a statement, support it with claims and evidence, and make a closing statement that solidifies your content.

2. Structure or outline of a topic


The main purpose of an outline is to open up your thoughts and put them on paper in an organized way to write a successful essay.  It will be easier for you if you can visualize the flow of your essay through a diagram. Draw a circle in the middle of the page and write your topic in that circle. Draw three to four lines emanating from the circle and at the end of each line – note down your main ideas that connect to your topic and arrive at the conclusion.

If you want to explain some process, write a step-by-step guide in a similar diagram. If you are trying to provide information or prove a point – categorize your essay into paragraphs like an introduction, evidence, counter-arguments, and conclusion.

3. Research


You must collect the right material for your research. It must focus on the issue you are trying to write as anything extraneous can easily ruin your essay. You should be able to find relevant points you can include in your essay and they should stick to the facts rather than imagination unless you are writing an abstract topic that will test your creativity.

There may be parts of the topic you want to stress on and collect points that can help you form a paragraph for that part. Your research goes a long way in showing your analysis and your ability to construct an argument with good insight.

Be sure to collate all the necessary information and put them together in your own words to reflect your own understanding of the topic.

4. Develop or Compose a Thesis

write thesis

Thesis acts like a backbone to the essay. It describes what is the topic and its main ideas. It can be referred to while writing an essay. Your content should always stay close to the idea that you are trying to convey with your thesis.

5. Writing the Body


Your essay should naturally transition to the points you have noted down in your research. Your claims and the opposite views should be presented here in a logical way. This section should highlight your analysis and evidence you have collected to strengthen your argument.

Don’t stretch the topic. It should be crystal clear because readers don’t pay much attention when the content seems to be endless.


Summarize your essay by emphasizing how your content supports your thesis and asserts your view on the topic. Your closing statement must be a logical conclusion of your essay based on the facts presented.

Ensure that you give credit to those you have helped you in your research and quote the references.

Methodically organizing your essay to reflect the idea and maintaining grammar rules are basic ingredients in a good essay. Also, there is cheap essay writing service and many like that are available today to ease the burden for people.