10 Most Common Excuses Men Make for not Using a Condom

You meet a cool dude, you tete-a-tete and next, he wants to bed you without the latex! If you love your health and peace of mind, there is no way you would let the two of you enjoy a few minutes of pleasure just to engage in 18 years of child support battle.

How to Respond to the excuses Men make for not using a condom?


There is no love, without a glove.

Eight out of ten men will always come up with crazy excuses not to use a condom. Most of the excuses are outright mansplaining! *

Thus, a lot of women have solely become the gatekeepers of sexual health! However, why is it a woman’s responsibility to make sure partners do not get chlamydia?

Hence, let us look at the most common excuses and responses to enrich your lingo to hitting back.

1. I am too big

Response: No, he isn’t. If you were to stretch the condom laterally, it would be wider than 12 inches. Hence, just suggest that he get a bigger size. “No raincoat, no sunshine.”

2. The condom reduces the sensation

The man ought to feel the sensation from your kisses and caresses, in addition to the protected sex. Otherwise, he’s being selfish for the few minutes the sex lasts. The two of you ought to put your health first before the pleasure.

Response: Yes, he can feel the sensation. Studies have proven this. The man can absolutely still feel sex with a condom on – and it feels good. Kindly tell him that the two of you will compensate with new tricks.  You may use a lot of lube to make it feel better than risk pregnancy and STIs.

3. But, you are on the pill!

First, it shows he is inconsiderate and doesn’t care about the pills’ side effects.

Response:  Well, the pill only protects the pregnancy, but we are still vulnerable to chlamydia or syphilis. Just be frank and make him rethink his priorities. You may ask “Don’t you care about my health?”

4. Our relationship is steady, we dot need a condom

Response: Well, we aren’t ready for parenthood yet. Moreover, I don’t want to risk sharing STIs either. No matter how long we’ve been together

5. Am allergic to latex

Response: That is fine, let get the allergy free condoms (also called latex-free).

6. I am clean, don’t worry

Response: Seriously, Dude? Clean doesn’t imply STIs or STD free. I wouldn’t take your word for it until we have e some mutual testing and pretty high level of trust.

Unless he has a clean bill of health, you wouldn’t be certain about a man’s ‘cleanliness’.

7. If you’re on your period, we should be fine!

Response: Honey, You do not understand the female body well, the chances of pregnancy may be lower but not impossible. Just look him in the eye and say “We are better to be safe than sorry, I want to use the condom even though am on my safe day”. This will get the message across to him well.

8. It’s hectic to put on a condom

Response: You shouldn’t be having sex. No raincoat, no sunshine. He shouldn’t be having sex if he can’t take sexual responsibility. If he utterly refuses, then you could say, ‘‘If it causes you much trouble to wear a condom, and then let me leave now”. This way you’ve stood for yourself and have courageously rejected him.

9. I’ve been tested

Response: Are you tested after every sexual escapade? If yes, can I get a documented proof? And what makes you sure that I am safe? Why aren’t you asking if I have been tested?

10. I’ll pull out. I have impeccable control

Response: Okay, I don’t dispute your prowess, but I can’t take your word for it.  A lot of unplanned pregnancies happen this way. Furthermore, STIs can happen whether we climax or not.

Here are five not so kind responses that will work in any of the above scenarios

  • You’ve got to be kidding. Your proposal is genuinely hilarious
  • Put a ring on it: Either a condom or a diamond ring
  • I’m not going to have sex with you without a condom.’ That’s pretty much it.
  • Stop, I’ll show you to the door. Or bye I am leaving.
  • Tell him the statistics on STI transmission rates or the 1 percentage of men allergic to latex. If he is part of the one per cent, then he is at odds at getting laid.

Has a man tried to convince you not to use the condom lately? What was your response?

Bottom line: Let’s uh, wrap it up