Why you must Include Facials in your Skincare Routine?

How Facials contribute to enhancing your beauty?

When you look in the mirror, is your reflection plagued by fine lines, enlarged pores, and dull skin?  As we age, our cellular turnover slows, resulting in a lacklustre appearance and the sudden advent of new furrows on our faces.  To complicate matters more, some of us will continue to struggle with acne well into our later years, giving us an extra heaping of insecurities about our appearance.  Soft, beautiful skin isn’t just a privilege reserved for the young; regular facials can help delay the march of time on our face, renewing our youth, confidence, and natural beauty.

Benefits of Facials:

facial benefits

Shannon Mouser, Co-owner of Viva Day Spa explains, “Estheticians are professional skin care experts who assess the type and health of your skin. They’ll help you create a skin care plan that addresses immediate needs and long-term goals. Facials improve blood flow and accelerate cell turnover, which naturally slows down as we age. More than just pampering, a relaxing facial is great for your lymphatic system and reduces inflammation, leaving your skin and spirit refreshed and rejuvenated.”

  • Facials provide deep cleansing for your skin.

Even if you have a thorough, multi-step skincare routine at home, a facial can help you go the extra mile to exfoliate and cleanse your skin.  Daily exposure to pollutants and toxins can clog your pores, leading to breakouts and a dull appearance.  Facials help you shed dead skin cells, returning your face to its youthful glow.  Having your pores professionally expressed can decongest them, eradicating come dones and pustules, leading to a reduction in acne blemishes.  As an added bonus, exfoliating your skin allows for it to absorb treatments and creams better, improving their efficacy.

  • Facials can make your skin appear younger.

Despite having a skincare regimen at home, many of us still shy away from using occlusive moisturizers, fearing that it’ll clog our pores and break us out.  Combine that with harsh seasonal weather that can dehydrate and strip your pores of their natural oils, it’s a sure recipe for wrinkles and sagging skin.  Having a spa facial will infuse your face with hydrating peptides and vitamins, banishing wrinkles before they start.  Facials also stimulate collagen production by improving circulation, bringing back firmness and tautness to drooping jowls.

  • Facials can improve your general wellness.

Daily stressors can start to take their toll on even the strongest person, causing wear and tear on our bodies and our immune systems.  As stress compounds, our cortisol levels rise, leading to unwanted weight gain and bloating.  When our bodies are being taxed, our immune systems can be compromised, allowing opportunistic viruses and bacteria to attack us.  A massage will not only relax you, reducing your risk of illness and infection, it will also stimulate your lymphatic system, giving your body a much-needed detox.

  • Facials can bring back flagging confidence.

Your outward appearance is only part of the equation; if your skin is dull and acne congestion is dotting your cheeks and the furrows in your brow seem deeper by the day, you may find yourself refusing to make eye contact with your peers.  It may seem harder to carry your head up with pride, and subtle changes to how you present yourself may also manifest.  Instead of taking the time to style your hair and don your nicer clothes, you may neglect your appearance and choose your sweats and sloppy ponytail more often than not.  Pampering yourself with a facial is a not-so-subtle reminder that you’re worth it – you deserve to feel invigorated and beautiful.

Getting a facial isn’t some unnecessary, frivolous indulgence; it comes with a host of benefits that can provide long-lasting positive repercussions to your wellbeing.  Scheduling a monthly facial is ideal for most people, but your aesthetician can make recommendations based on your skin type, seeing you more or less frequently, as needed.

Whether you have a big presentation coming up at work, your seventh 29th birthday right around the corner, or you simply need to set aside some time for yourself to recharge your emotional batteries, a facial is an important part of your self-care regimen that should not be overlooked.