Father's Day messages

Express love for your Father with these Father’s Day Messages

Happy Father’s Day to all the strongest fathers! A single day would not be enough to thank our Fathers for whatever they do for us. But, we still try to make Father’s Day memorable for our pillars, our fathers.  A daughter loves her father unconditionally for obvious reasons! She knows that he’s the one man who can do anything to keep her happy!

There are no words which can describe a Father-Daughter relationship. As grown ups, we become so busy in our lives that we often forget to express our love for our fathers. We do love him so much but don’t show it. A Dad’s support is the biggest strength to a daughter through which she can achieve whatever she desires. Things become easier when you know your Dad is right behind you to hold you whenever you fall. So, this Father’s Day, why not just say your father, what he is to you? Your words would be more precious to him than any fancy gifts!

This Father’s Day, WomenLite collected special messages which daughters want to convey to their Fathers. Expressing love is the best way to keep your loved ones happy, so here are-

Special Father’s Day messages…

“My dad works so hard, but he is never too busy to play with us or help us without problems. I have so many memories of playing board games and jumping on the trampoline with him. Now that I’m all grown up, he’s still always just a call away. He taught me to be confident, assertive and merciful.” -Mariah Taylor Handy (adultingformillennials.wordpress.com)

“My dad is my and everyone else’s hero. He’s a surgeon and has spent his entire life taking care of others, putting in extra hours to be sure they could afford their care, and being an incredible father to me and my 4 siblings. He’s the reason I became an ICU nurse, the reason I have such a travel bug, and the reason I stand up for what I believe in. One day is hardly enough, but I’m so grateful for him!” –  Danielle Guy  (www.daniellefarideh.com)

“Happy Father’s Day ! I wanted to say ‘thank you’ , Thank you for being you ! Because if you weren’t who you are I wouldn’t be me and we both know I’m amazing ! I love you Dad have a great Father’s Day “. – Mindi Sievers Blake (beerbelliesandstretchmarks.com)

“Happy Fathers Day! Thank you for all you do helping your children grow up to the adults they are. Also, serving your country not knowing what the future would hold if you would even be able to be a dad even though you knew you really wanted to be! I love you dad, and have a great Father’s Day!” – Khrys Bartoswicz (www.adventuringeyes.com)

“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I am constantly overwhelmed by your endless support, love, and guidance. You’ve molded me into the young woman I am today and I treasure every moment I share with you. I look forward to the baseball game this week (GO YANKEES!) and the trips we have planned for this summer. Thanks for all of the the bike rides, concerts, laughs, and hugs over the years but most of all, thanks for being you.” – Angela Marie (littlelivesbig.com)

“Happy Father’s Day, dad! Thank you for being my support system- you lead by example and you’ve instilled a strong work ethic in your kids. Thank you for all the endless support and the words of encouragement. Every day should be Father’s Day!” -Ying (navigatingadulthood.com)

Aren’t these messages are super adorable? Just say what you feel about him to him to make him feel happy! Enjoy the day and don’t forget to spend time with your father.

Another beautiful way to express love is to write poetry for someone! So, here is a poetry by a son to his loving father.

My Father…. A Man Who Can, And The One Who Can’t.