Feet care tips

Keep a check on these feet care tips to have smooth feet.

Women are very concerned about their beauty routine. They try to manage their routine in a way that they can have their ‘ME’ time. But sometimes women tend to neglect some parts of their the body that require equal care as much as they care about their face and hair. The feet come under the category of some neglected body parts! It’s important to keep them smooth and attractive so that you can wear your favorite heels with confidence. Here is how you can pay more attention to them.

Follow these simple Feet care tips to have fabulous feet all the time.

1. Observe the health of your feet

Doctors often advise patients with diabetes to keep an eye on their feet in the if they find any change or skin problem. But, this is something we all must implement. Some skin problems do not cause any symptoms, pain or discomfort and therefore you must pay attention. If you have any rash or unusual appearance, try to treat it as early as possible. Don’t let it get worse. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

2. Moisten them

Just as you must moisturize your body and your hands, your feet are also the area that needs moisturization which women, most of the time neglect. It will only take a few seconds more to apply the cream on your feet after the shower and you will start noticing the changes.

With the help of moisturization, your feet will look more beautiful, soft and delicate. You do not need a specific lotion, you can use the same moisturizer you apply for the rest of the body.

3. Wash them well

In the shower try to wash your feet well, do not just apply soap and rinse. Use a scrubber especially for your feet to clean them every day. Clean under fingernails and between fingers. Cleaning is essential so you do not have to worry about bacteria and infections.

4. Treat them carefully

You do not need a podiatrist to remove calluses from your feet, you can do it at home. Pumice stone to remove the hardest parts is the best tool and it gives your feet a smooth appearance. However, you should do it carefully, otherwise, you will end up damaging your feet.

5. Exfoliation

We all know the benefits of exfoliating the face to remove impurities and revitalize the skin. But, besides the face, it is also equally necessary to exfoliate your feet to keep them cool and radiant. There are various products keep your feet exfoliated. It removes dead cells and leaves the skin in good and attractive condition.

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6. Sun Rays protection

Even if you do not think it is important, you should protect your feet from the ultra violating sunrays. When wearing footwears which will expose your feet, apply protective lotions to avoid not only the damage from the sun but the possibility of skin cancer. Wearing comfortable shoes is also essential to take care of your feet. If you went to a party and you wore heels that caused discomfort to your feet, don’t forget to apply some essence or oil and gently massage your feet before going to bed.

Follow these tips to give your feet the care they deserve!