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Asmita Mohanty: A Fight against Stigmas of Beauty in Indian Society

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated and enthusiastic days of India. The aura of independence still shines in our eyes whenever we see our national flag, hear a patriotic song or watch a heart touching movie based on our country. No doubt, we have come a long way from where we started, the progress we made is highly commendable considering the struggles our country went through.

But talking about freedom, is it really there? Are women of our country actually free to pursue their dreams and live a life of their own? Well, lawfully speaking women are equally free, but practically freedom seems just a mere thing on paper. This year, we won’t highlight the cases where women have been victimized but we would feature victorious stories of women who overcame their fears and lived their own moment of independence.

Our next story of the campaign #mystoryofindependence narrates the story of an Indian girl who doesn’t fit in the Indian standards of Beauty.

asmita mohanty
Being from a struggled to winner my life has taught me a lot abt the world. This is Asmita Mohanty,  a writer and currently pursuing my MBA course. I was born with clubbed feet; which was difficult for a girl that too in an Indian society. But,  my stars were too strong; my parents’ hard work,  patience, love, and blessings did a miracle and I was cured.
I was always an average student in academics. I was had learned a lot of hobbies and I hold diploma certificates for all of them — dancing,  singing, and Kathak dance.
I am a poetess and I have also won a lot of awards and certificates in various fields.
Through this journey, I made a lot of friends but None to call my best friend or soul mate.
During young age I felt like I was boycotted by people around; everyone made me feel bad about my Appearance,  dusky complexion and my stitched marks on legs.
Lest that never stole my glitter. The day I realized that I deserve the best and I am born to be one man army, that day was my independence day. I won every shows wherever I went,  made friends, stole the attention of the crowd.  There were times when I got backstabbed numerous times but not even once I let anyone take away my vulnerability.
The roller coaster of my life has not stopped yet,  more stories yet to be added.  I have learned a lot of human around us, nevertheless,  I have also met people who are still my strong supporter,  who make me and my life such a beautiful place to leave in.
Life is a vicious cycle. And we are wired to connect.  We are here to spread happiness and love.
This independence day celebrates yourself. Fight back with your fears and insecurities and Cherish your beauty; your vulnerability,  your potential,  your power,  your dignity ;
Being a woman is itself a superpower so utilize it to conquer whatever stops you from rising or stops you to shine.
Thank you and Best wishes all my readers and supporters.