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12 First Date Ideas to Woo your Date on the First Day

Your first date ideas should be really memorable! The first date holds the promise of being a stepping stone to the formation of a romantic relationship. It gives you and your partner the opportunity for privacy and solitude to know each other well.

First dates lay down the foundation of new relationships in terms of communication and camaraderie. No matter how and where you found your new love, on an online dating app or on a public place, you need to plan your first date perfectly. The first impression leaves a lasting effect on how the relationship will turn out in the future. A first date can be a success or a total disappointment depending upon the circumstances. Everything can either go smoothly or it can all go wrong.

12 First Date Ideas

You ought to be well prepared for this important event and put your best foot forward. Also, no amount of preparation is ever enough so it is advisable to be spontaneous and go with the flow. You should think hard about first date ideas, ones which will help you to create precious moments with your partner. There are various first date ideas for every kind of individual- whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, whether you are outdoorsy or more of an indoors person.

Fun Date Ideas

fun date ideas

If you are up for having an exciting time, here are some extremely fun first date ideas for you and your partner:

  • Arrange a picnic

Pack some delicious snacks and beer along with a few sheets and you are ready to go! Go to a park or a place surrounded by greenery and enjoy your meal while chatting away.

  • Go to an outdoor concert:

This is one of the best date ideas. If you have a similar taste in music, decide on a band you want to watch perform live. Check out local concerts where they might be playing and book your tickets to see them live. You will have the time of your life as you sing along to their tunes together.

  • Go sightseeing:

This is one of the enjoyable things to do on a date. What can be more fun than exploring your city together? Go somewhere where you haven’t been before and become tourists for a day. Go to popular tourist spots in the city and exchange your views on it. It’ll fun to gain a new perspective.

Cute Date Ideas

cute date ideas

Everyone loves mush and it’s nice to be a little mushy on a date. Here are some cute first date ideas for everyone who’s wondering what to do on a first date:

  • Visit a cafe

A cosy little cafe is just what you and your partner need to enjoy a secluded and peaceful time by rewinding and refreshing your minds. Coffee, cheesecakes and a lovely conversation is the way to go.

  • Walk

Visit a nice neighbourhood or a public place and just walk around and soak in the atmosphere and breeze. You can also hold hands while talking.

  • Watch the sunset

Sunsets are breathtaking to watch. So what can be cuter than watching with your partner as all the different hues and shades of the sky mingle in the distance?

Romantic date ideas

romantic date ideas

There’s the possibility of sparks flying between you and your partner if you employ the following romantic first date ideas:

  • Dinner

There’s something about food that gives rise to one’s spirits. Choose your favourite Chinese restaurant in the city and enjoy a nice little romantic dinner with your partner. Even a little pizza place would be perfect for the occasion.

  • Poetry reading

If you and partner share a passion for the written and spoken word, go to a poetry recitation event. It’ll be a fruitful intellectual experience. This is one of the fun things to do on a date.

  • Theatre

Watching your favourite play together can always be an enriching cultural experience.

Unique Date Ideas

unique date ideas

Be unconventional and creative to have a lively experience with your partner. Here are some unique first date ideas:

  • Book fair

If both you and your partner are huge bookworms, there’s nothing more exciting than attending a local book-fair together where you can browse through various different categories of bookshelves and literature.

  • Art gallery

Art aficionados can immerse themselves in a truly artistic experience by appreciating the different art pieces and paintings in a gallery. It is a great first date event.

  • Photography

This is one among unique first date ideas where both you and your partner can explore each other’s creative impulses. Pick up your camera, choose great spots in the city and capture them with your lenses. Photograph each other as well.

Things to Talk about on a Date

Once you have decided the place for a date, next comes what to talk? Although a first date can be quite nerve-wracking, you must remain calm and optimistic and put maximum effort to build a memorable date which you will remember for a very long time. The key is to have a relaxed conversation with each other on exciting topics. A good conversation is one which stimulates your mind and allows you to express yourself clearly.

1. Work and Ambition


Work comprises an essential part of one’s life. Discussing your respective careers can be a learning experience for both you and your partner. It will give you an insight into how devoted they are to their job. You can also talk about each other’s career goals. Gaining an understanding of where both of you are headed in life professionally, gives you a sense of relatability with the other person on a personal level. Ask them about their dream job and regarding their current job, ask them what they like about it the most and what is the one thing they like the least about it.

2. Family


One’s roots define who they are as people. On a first date, you can talk to your partner about each other’s folks and how much they mean to you both. It will give you an insight into their values on family, life and relationships. Talk about the best moments you have had with your respective families. Ask them about their favourite sibling and if they are close to them and what are the special moments they shared with them or a favourite uncle or aunt who must have been like a second parent to them. If you have godparents, discuss the role they have played in your life.

3. Friends


Discussing each other’s friends on a date is a way to get a glimpse of how your partner operates in their social life with other people. One is defined by the company one keeps and talking about each other’s friends will tell you how your partner values the ideal of friendship in life. Getting into a new relationship means forming healthy connections with your partner’s friends themselves. Ask them about their friends and how they would describe your partner; what they are like as people and what their likes and dislikes are. This will give you an idea about your partner’s personality.

4. Memories


Life’s days are counted by the memories you make. Talk to your partner about the happiest memories of your life. This is a great ice-breaker for a first date as both of you get the opportunity to reflect on your younger selves and recall the cherished moments like graduating or getting into their dream college or simply little moments you still love to remember. Ask them what has been their proudest achievement to date and share with them yours. This will give you an idea about what inspires them the most. Talking about each other’s memories also shows you how imaginative your partner can be and what kind of a storyteller they are as they recount their tales of the past.

5. Bucket lists/ Life Goals

life goals

Everyone makes a bucket list for their life ahead. It is an interesting way to open up the conversation on a first date. Ask your partner about where they see themselves in 5 years. This will give you an insight into their inner life and who they are as a person. Discuss each other’s dreams and what it is that you desire out of life. Discuss life itself and what it means to you to be alive. Talk about each other’s goals in life and what you would want to accomplish in the long run. This will give you a glimpse of your partner’s personality traits as well and you can weigh whether your own choices mirror theirs, in which case if they do that means there’s potential for a future together.

6. Hobbies and Interests:


Hobbies are an indispensable part of one’s life and talking about your hobbies can show you whether you share common interests. This will help you in creating a lasting bond. Ask them what they are passionate about. It can be anything from art to cinema or poetry and travelling. Tell them how you like to spend your time when you are not working and ask them about the very same. If their response coincides with yours, you will instantly connect and form a bond. This way there is a possibility of you both spending time together in the future doing the things you both love.

Pondering over how the first date will go can be daunting and wondering about first date ideas can be even more of a challenge. There are numerous exciting ways in which you can spend your first date. So, here’s wishing you a wonderful first date! You’ll definitely nail it!