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Why a Five minute exercise a Day is better than thirty minutes?

Sometime in 2014, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reported that people who ran weekly had a 45 percent decreased risk for dying from any heart-related diseases. They also had a 30 percent decreased risk of death from any type of causes. This was contrary to those who didn’t run.

Why a Five-minute exercise a Day is better than thirty



According to reports, this research was carried out in more than 55,000 adults who ran for over 15 years. The research further went on to state that during that 15-year period 3,413 participants died of all causes. However, 4.3 percent of the runners died, compared to 6.8 percent of the non-runners.

And finally, from heart diseases and other causes, it was reported that people who run who ran the least, especially those who ran for as little as five or 10 minutes a day lived longer than those who hit the path 150 minutes or more a week. Did this mean that exercising less was better than more?

Well as it turns out, further researches have stated contrary to this. Based on thousands of studies, many expert researchers suggest that 150 minutes of exercise a week of the low-intensity level of activity such as walking is often more convenient for optimal health benefits. And this is the recommended level.

What changes though is that as your intensity or say effort level rises, it has since been determined that you could exercise for less time and still enjoy the exact same benefits that you previously did at 150 minutes of body workout a week. Indeed with a rise in intensity, it is recommended that just 75 minutes a week of intense exercise would be equally beneficial.

But what about 5 minutes of activity? According to some of the best mini stepper reviews, it is suggested that depending on what your body workout entails, having some activity is better than having no activity at all. Thus a 5 minute period on a mini stepper at very high intensity might just add up to the same exact benefits that 75 minutes run a week would have given you.

Even so, if 5 minutes exercise is your starting point that cool! However, you’d want to try and increase your activity level and intensity over time. What you should keep in mind is that you don’t have to run or walk, you could also go with simple calisthenics, bodyweight workouts, and some practices such as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The types of exercises that you could go for are endless. But, it is the intensity, discipline, and love for your workout routine that will be much more vital on what your end results would be.


The bottom line is that a 5-minute workout routine would be really beneficial if you have always had a life of disciplined body workout routine. If exercising is part and parcel of your lifestyle you could break out of this cycle by doing 5 minutes workout routines as you age and still not worry about heart disease, stroke, and diabetes!