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5 Super Fun Fall Activities For Your Backyard

Fun Fall Activities:

Look no further for fun fall activities in your backyard. The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of backyard season. There are plenty of ways to keep the kids active and entertained this fall. This list of 5 fun fall activities will have something to appeal to different age groups. Everyone should be able to get out and enjoy the fall.

1) Leaf Labyrinths

Leaf Labyrinths 
image source: pinterest.com

Anyone with young kids knows it’s both the easiest thing in the world and the hardest to keep them entertained. One day, they can spend hours inventing games with a single stuffed toy, and the next day they seem to be endlessly bored. One simple way you can get them active in the backyard is with a leaf labyrinth. Before you rake up the fallen leaves and stuff them into bags, turn them into a leaf labyrinth and challenge your kids to find their way to the centre without going outside the lines.

2) Bobbing for Apples

bobbing the apples
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Not just for Halloween, bobbing for apples is a frustratingly fun game to play all through the late summer and fall when apples are in season. Take the family on a trip to the nearest orchard to go apple picking and set up this classic game. If setting up a pool or a barrel with water is too much effort, try a variation that involves tying apples by the stem to a string.

3) Decorate the Gazebo


With harvest season in full swing, decorate your gazebo to reflect Thanksgiving and Halloween. Fall garlands, wheat sheaves, and pumpkin planters are all fun ways to add some of the spirits of the season to your gazebo.

4) Conkers

conkers game
image source: planetradio.co.uk

The kids are a little older and a leaf labyrinth isn’t going to cut it. You can still keep them off the screen and in the backyard by suggesting a game that’s a little more competitive, especially if your backyard is blessed with a chestnut tree. Conkers is a traditional game from Britain that’s also been played by children across the United States and Canada, wherever chestnut trees grow. When those green, prickly chestnut seedpods hit the ground, they open up to reveal shiny brown chestnuts.

To play conkers, you drill a hole through the middle of the chestnut and a loop a long string (like a shoelace) through. In a shallow pit or dirt patch, players take turns striking the other’s chestnut, wrapping the string around one hand and using the other to make their strike. The winner’s chestnut is the one still on the string at the end – and even better, it gets a lifetime score, taking all its defeated opponents’ points with it. In a game between two fresh chestnuts, the winner would get a score of 1. But if it were to defeat a chestnut that had won three games before, it would get a score of 4.

5) Carve Pumpkin Planters

pumpkin carve

This craft idea is a good one for young kids with parental assistance. You can carve pumpkins long before Halloween by making pumpkin planters. Fill them with soil and grow autumn flowers or herbs that will fill your backyard with the rich scents of fall.

With these activities, fall will never get boring.