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How to Use Funny Patches in 10 Creative and Trendy Ways in 2018?

Funny patches are perfect for varied situations; they are great while riding a bike, while attending concerts or while going for group picnics. For nearly every fun situation, one can have a creative custom embroidery patch that can increase the fun quotient.

Custom patches can prove to be a creative outlet for motorcycle clubs, sports teams and the like. Most are perfect for uniforms, bags and other elements. They deliver awesome looks for reasonable costs and one can add any sort of design to any cloth irrespective of fabric, texture and other attributes. Send in funny patch design ideas to create digital proofs and then get the patches realized in quantity too.

Women have used patches for centuries, always embroidering them for different occasions for their kids. With brilliant ideas to attach custom patches, they can actually use them on and off, affixing them on clothes, tops, hats, accessories etc. Even girls love to use patches creatively, sometimes to use their old attire in completely new ways! Custom funny patches give the freedom to women to try something new!

Benefits of Custom Patches

  • With different styles and colors, the patches can realize in many ways
  • Making funny patches is easy and quick
  • Leverage design experience to create spectacular patch designs
  • Order iron-on patches to specifications
  • Get patches for your team, group or organization with their logo
  • Send in different design images compatible with any format to print
  • Explore patches of many sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns

Here are the top 10 ways how one can use funny patches:

  1. Flying Discs

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Use patches on standard plastic discs for good sporting fun! Imagine patches of superheroes being thrown around. That would certainly look cool and even popular with Avengers Infinity War release. Or you can have patches stuck on the flying discs with your child’s favorite cartoon giving him the extra boost to play outside. Doraemon patches will look funny too!

  1. Dating Profiles

Instead of using funny quips on dating profiles, make some custom funny patches that mirror your wacky sense of humor. A patch with your favorite band characters in caricature or favorite actors mouthing famous lines could actually be a good setup for your dating profile. You can even mention the weirdest lyrics of a song that is famous, to attract other profiles who find it funny and mirror a similar cool sense of humor. Dating profiles are already leveraging this idea and they do make a strong impression!

  1. Prop Comedy

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Prop comedy can utilize some things out of the box especially if your patch can complete a joke whenever you move around. A tee hanging with a quote that is not aligned with statements you make could actually evoke laughter during the skit. Use some funny quotes and ideas that are aligned with the overall comedy content. With some intelligence, you can actually make those patches look cooler and funnier than ever before.

  1. Coasters

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Use patches for tea coasters that can surprise your visitors! Use some cheesy slogans with the custom patches and make them laugh. Or you can make a coasters set with a running joke all along, based on story ideas. You can use such patches on coasters for your office or your home. This idea is kind of inspiring for many too!

  1. Clothes

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Wearing clothes with funny quotes is passed. But if you have a distinct patch with the similar branding of your own identity, now that is something special. Use custom patches especially on your shirt or even on your jeans to revamp their style and get people to smile. Also, it conveys to people that you could go to extreme lengths to express your thoughts and your sense of fun to others.

  1. Light-Hearted Uniforms

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You can use funny patches for uniforms especially if some events are made for fun to brighten the day for you and for others. These patches on uniforms can include humor especially within a close-knit group out for camping and who share a similar sense of adventure.

  1. Political Shirts with Caricatures

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There are many funny patches that can be both satirical and political without offending anyone in the public. The shirts could use some custom funny patches that can include short quotes or political caricatures that make fun of the political system or the society. The patches imbue freedom of expression through the use of embroidery. Also, one can change patches often with new slogans every time in a humorous manner!

  1. Doodles and Fun

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Doodles on patches require some out-of-the-box thinking since they could look messy and unattractive. Use some pre-planned doodles with smart designs taking use of graphic artists who could fashion a funny patch based on the doodle design. The doodles when done right can evoke a quirky sense of humor and design and showcase your funny bone to the world.

  1. Fun Imagery for Kids

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Patch designs can make use of different options that are meant for kids. Choose kid-like figures and superheroes that your kids would love to have on their clothes and love to sport it off and on. Their interest can be mirrored in a funny way through custom patches during parties, family occasions, and festivals.

  1. Fun Patches to Share Specific Memories

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Memory-based patches for occasions like anniversary, birthday, graduation day etc. can be laced with humour to gift to relevant people involved in the memory. The patches can actually be extremely memorable and funny for everyone involved, and even make them remember the moments in a nostalgic manner.

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