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Why Your Girlfriend Would Eventually lose interest in sex?

A healthy and stable relationship is what everyone wants, regardless of the gender. All of us want to love and be loved, it’s perfectly natural. Relationships require work, effort, and they easily get distressed by numerous factors. One of these factors is the loss of interest or boredom. Both a man and a woman can lose interest and avoid sex in a relationship. Chances are you’re eager to know main reasons that make your girlfriend bored and uninterested in order to find a way to do something about it. You came to the right place; scroll down to find your answers.

How male and female interest in sex differs?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, that’s what we’re told and it may not be too far from the truth. We function differently and learning how your partner feels in a relationship can be of huge help to return spark into your sex life and get closer to one another. Male and female interest in sex is a subject of many studies as scientists strive to determine factors that make us aroused and interested or bored.

A group of researchers from the University of Southampton, University College London, and the University of Glasgow carried out an extensive study whose primary objective was to investigate factors associated with lack of sexual intercourse and how they vary by gender. The study included 4839 men and 6669 women aged 16-74 who reported having at least one sexual partner in past year.

Findings of the research were published in the BMJ Open and they revealed that 15% of men and 34.2% of women reported lack of interest in sex. Loss of interest in sexual intercourse was strongly associated with age, physical and mental health, and depression. These results aren’t so shocking if you bear in mind that testosterone levels drop and men experience a number of symptoms including loss of sexual desire. To combat these symptoms they use testosterone boosters that help them keep hormone levels in a healthy range, but at the same time, men also have to learn what prevents their girlfriends from engaging in sexual intercourse.

The study identified factors that lead to why women lose interest in sex-

1. Age

age factor

The truth is, age plays a major role in the sexual desire of both men and women. As you’re getting older hormone levels fluctuate. In men, age can cause problems with erections and duration of intercourse. To strengthen the pelvic area and last longer in bed, Kegel exercises for men are incredibly helpful.

What about women? About 38.8% of women aged 55-64 reported lack of interest in sex. It’s not just about a number; ladies lose interest in sex at this point due to hormonal fluctuations. Menopause is yet another factor mainly because it causes vaginal dryness which leads to painful intercourse. Dealing with stressful situations at home and work can also attenuate a woman’s sexual desire as she’s getting older.

2. Poor health


Scientists found a strong correlation between mental and physical health problems and lack of sexual desire. If your girlfriend experiences problems with her health or is diagnosed with some specific condition, it’s understandable she’s not always willing to jump into the bed whenever you feel like it. What every woman wants at this point is for her man to show emotional support. Be there for her, rather than pressure her to have sex or make her feel guilty.

3. Relationship status and length


For women, lack of interest is associated with relationship status and length. For instance, women living with a partner were more likely to lack sexual interest just like ladies who are in longer relationships. If you’re in a long relationship or you two are living together, make sure your girlfriend has enough me-time.

Every girl needs some time for herself to rest, relax, and recharge “batteries”. Monotony is also a big factor here and it’s always useful to spice things up in and out of bed. Take her out, date nights are always exciting, sign up for interesting classes, travel, options are endless.

4. Frequency of sexual activity

good time

The frequency of sexual activity is strongly related to lack of interest in sex (and relationship for that matter). About 33.8% of women reported having sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral, anal) four weeks prior to the study. They were more likely to lose interest than their counterparts who reported no sexual activity.

No, this doesn’t mean your girlfriend wants to have sex on rare occasions but shows that women need more than intercourse to feel happy and interested in every aspect of your relationship. The problem is that guys tend to favor sex over anything and women feel like sex objects.

In fact, STDs, past negative sexual experiences such as rape play a role here and although we live in the 21st century, women are objectified, harassed, and raped on a regular basis. The point is that your girlfriend needs to feel valued, more than a sex doll you play with.

5. Lack of communication

lack of communication

What do women want in a relationship to be happy? Ask them! For women, sexual desire and interest in relationship depend on whether they feel connected with someone. Sexual intercourse isn’t just a physical, but an emotional experience. To have sex, your girlfriend needs to feel that connection. She wants to know you really care for her, and she needs to know you as a person.

Communication is the secret to a healthy and happy relationship. It helps you overcome your problems, learn what your significant other likes or dislikes. At the same time, it’s a great way to improve your sex life. It can be difficult for a girl to sustain the same level of interest if her partner doesn’t want to open up to her. So, men who want to increase their girlfriend’s interest in a relationship should strive to improve their communication skills.

6. Decreased satisfaction with relationship

Let’s face it if a woman isn’t happy with the relationship she’s more likely to lose interest and avoid sex. The above-mentioned study also confirmed it. When a girl feels you don’t treat her well or she’s not happy with the level of effort you put into the relationship, it’s difficult for her to relax and be carefree, have sex, and act super happy like nothing is going on.

People who are in longer or committed relationship can consider a couple’s therapy. They can learn how to improve satisfaction with the relationship. Not only will both a man and woman increase interest in one another yet again, but their sex life can flourish.

7. Pregnancy and young children in the house


Being pregnant or having young children in the house is probably the biggest reason women lose interest in the relationship. Contrary to a popular belief, the lack of interest, in this case, isn’t because she focuses on children only, while her boyfriend should feel lucky enough to be in the same picture.

Women don’t have it easy, regardless of their age. They are expected to take care of children, do everything to keep them healthy and happy and to have sex whenever her boyfriend or husband wants it. Being a mom is a full-time job and it can be very exhausting. With young children running around the house it’s difficult to relax and have sex.

Is there anything men can do about this? Of course! Be helpful, we’re not in the 1950s anymore and raising children isn’t only a woman’s job. Also, get a babysitter or let a family member babysit. This way you and your loved one can go out and spend a lovely night just two of you. There are many things you can do to help your girlfriend or wife’s life easier. Every woman wants to feel desirable and sexy, you should make sure she knows it.


Women lose interest in a relationship due to a number of factors. These factors can range from negative experiences in the past to pregnancy, young children, and lack of communication. What every woman wants is to be valued, respected, and loved. That way, she finds it easier to relax, have sex, and enjoy all the perks that a healthy and strong relationship provides.

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