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Guide For Valencia: What to do in Valencia?

Guide for Valencia: The Mediterranean Capital of Youth, Culture, and Stag Do’s

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain only after the capital Madrid and Barcelona. It is a city bustling with life where one can enjoy the sunshine for about 320 days a year. Founded by the Romans about 2000 years ago, it is considered one of the modern-day’s most desirable places to live in.

What to do in Valencia?


Whether you plan on vacationing here with a group of close friends, your significant other, or go on an epic stag do adventure in Valencia, there are plenty of fun activities to do to which will memorialize your journey.

The nightlife charms

Once the sun has set and all the families have headed back to their homes and hotels, Valencia transforms into a party city where there are loads of exciting things to do! This includes not just the usual bar hopping. You get to talk to many like-minded people who have come together to enjoy a fiesta dinner, try out traditional culinary specialties, and sip cocktails to soothe the soul before going out to party.

Hip Old Town

Another bustling place in the Valencia night scene is the old town. The area of El Carmen is known for its hip bars, clubs, and lounges. What makes this part of city interesting is the fact that during night time, the streets behind the cathedral are packed with revealers. This is the place where it is possible to link up and start a conversation with all sorts of local and foreign folks. In fact, considering that many people come here for this purpose alone, you are sure to gather new friends into your entourage and open up new nightlife possibilities.

Important tips and interests

Apart from being a place for parties and fun, Valencia is also the city with the biggest port on the Mediterranean West Coast.
However, as welcoming of tourists as they are, the locals are not very good at speaking English. Therefore, it is important to know the important basics of the Spanish language, just enough to get around and mingle.

Another important fact about Valencia is that the Holy Grail, the cup from which Jesus drank during the last supper, is housed in a Valencene Cathedral. Valencia is also the city of the arts and sciences. With impressive architecture as far as the eye can see, one cannot resist taking pictures of the maritime architectural splendour.

Valencia’s Hidden Gems

In conclusion…

Café El Volander, located 10 minutes away from the city’s historic centren -, is a non-touristy gem where residents gather to indulge in some hearty beer-drinking and good music. This place is not known to many so it is a perfect spot to truly immerse yourself in local social dynamics. Another such hidden gem is the Parque Natural de la Albufera, which is packed with wondrous Mediterranean flora and teeming with animal life. This place is particularly visited during the autumn seasons because one can witness a flock of migrating birds darkening the sky.

Valencia is a beautiful spot to get away from the big city hustle and bustle. It is important to have a certain level of understanding of the language. Apart from that, it does not matter if you are a solo traveler or with a group, the city never ceases to amaze those who want to have a good time.