What is Gynecomastia? What are its causes and treatment procedures?

Gynecomastia is a condition affecting a majority of men today. It involves the enlargement of the glandular tissue in the chest area of the male body and can be treated with gynecomastia surgery. Both men and women have breast glands, but it is not observable in men, as they are less developed and relatively smaller. Interestingly gynecomastia is not visible to men only, even newborn and boys just hitting puberty suffer from it. The only silver lining being, 90% of “man boobs” cases get resolved by the time boys to reach adulthood.

Gynecomastia and the Various Procedures for Male Breast Reduction

male breasts

Why do men suffer from gynecomastia? Unlike popular perception, it is not a result of the accumulation of extra fat only, in fact, there are other reasons too that lead to this condition.

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Hereditary issues
  • Obesity
  • Aging

Besides the above-listed reasons the main reason that leads to Gynecomastia is a hormonal imbalance, namely estrogen and testosterone imbalance. In women, estrogen helps in the development of breast tissue. While in men the testosterone hinders the estrogen growth thus stalling the growth of the breast tissue. So, when there is an over-proliferation of estrogen over testosterone, gynecomastia results.

It does not go on their own and does not respond to either dieting or exercise. It is not a life-threatening condition but men find it extremely embarrassing as they are subject to much ridicule by their peers. Many men suffer in silence as they don’t know there are affordable treatment procedures that can treat the condition and cure it permanently, such as male breast reduction surgery. Instead of subjecting yourself to ridicule and getting yourself exposed to jibes and taunts, get acquainted with an experienced reconstructive surgeon who will listen to your problems and offer solutions customized to your needs.

Gynecomastia Treatment Procedures


Gynecomastia surgery is one of the most popular and sought after surgeries in the world of cosmetic surgery. Men today are conscious of the way they look and they take pains to look a certain way so they avail of the corrective measures that give them the much-desired chiseled look. Men are slowly waking up to the fact that there are safe corrective cosmetic procedures available that can have a positive impact on not only their body but their mind as well.  The significance being why should you demean yourself and suffer from self-consciousness when there is an easily-available solution in the form of gynecomastia surgery? With advanced technologies available and super fast recovery, cosmetic procedures are much superior now and with super high success rates.

The cause of gynecomastia differs from people to people but the surgery helps to get rid of the excess glandular tissue and/or fat tissue, sometimes it helps correct both. Post-surgery, the results are striking as the appearance of the chest area changes drastically. The dipping confidence levels begin to revive again. For men suffering from the condition of gynecomastia for years look forward to a chiseled appearance and finally, they get to wear whatever they want and not hide behind hideous clothes.

During the course of the surgery, the excess fat tissue and the glandular tissue is removed. This is done by making small cuts to the chest area. However, if there is a large area of fat to be removed the second cut is made just around the lower part of the areola. The existing skin overlying the chest area shrinks into place after the surgery. The result is a flatter chest that is a marked improvement from the earlier appearance.

Gynecomastia Treatment – Prerequisites

It is not as if it is mandatory to opt for gynecomastia surgery if you suffer from man boobs or “moobs” condition, it is your choice if you want to go ahead with it, then you can certainly opt for gynecomastia treatment. You generally have to be in good health before thinking of going for this surgery. There is little or no risk and side-effects attached with this treatment procedure. However, in certain conditions, complications arise resulting in bleeding and infection. The side-effects involve experiencing changes in the nipple region. Fortunately, barring these side-effects is a simple procedure. Patients can reprise their normal life in just a few days. But yes, you have to stop yourself from over-indulging in strenuous activities. For a few weeks post-surgery, patients must avoid exercises and carry heavy loads.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Patients can go home the very day they are operated upon complete with a surgical garment to protect the area. This garment compresses the extra swelling and bruising. To get optimum results continue to keep up with the follow-up treatment throughout the first year.

So you see, one can easily get rid of the gynecomastia condition with surgery. Consult the doctor and learn about the pros and cons of the surgery before you opt for it.