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7 Easy Tips to Live a Happy Married Life with your Spouse

A happy marriage is a wonderful thing and here are some great tips to achieve just that.

  1. Practice Acts Of Conscious Kindness

Research has shown that when we intend and plan to do nice things for another person, we also experience a boosted mood. This boost in happiness is usually experienced in the phase of planning, and when we implement the plan, along with the phase of recollection. So, get busy with creating your own acts of kindness for your significant other, a family member, your best friend or even a co-worker.

  1. Plan An Event That You Can Look Forward To

When planning for an activity in the future, regardless of whether it is lunch, a picnic at your favorite park or a concert, you will also experience an elevation in your happiness. Research indicated that this boost in your happiness is usually experienced a lot more in anticipation of the activity. When you have something that you are looking forward to, it will help you through days that are difficult and offers you with a needed respite, like the saying goes: “This, too, shall pass.”

  1. Listen To Your Favorite Uplifting Music

Since the era where humans began banging stuff together, music became one of the indispensable tools to regulate mood. Music is able to “set the mood”, so make sure you choose to listen to uplifting music which will boost your happiness and lift those spirits.

  1. Play- Exercise

I prefer calling exercise “play”, which is also as effective as many of the pharmaceutical anti-depressants are according to many studies. Physical bursts of activity will increase the release of important endorphins along with neurotransmitters which serve as the feel-good chemicals inside your brain. Play will increase your energy, reduce stress and is also food for your soul.

  1. Spend Your Money On Experiences Rather Than Accumulating Stuff

Many of us are very familiar with what is known as “Shop Therapy” along with how it boosts our moods with these associated purchases suggest experts in psychology. However, this boost is usually short-lived and, in some cases, followed by disappointment, regret or anxiety. Research shows that spending money on an experience as opposed to “stuff’ offers a far greater return when it comes to happiness and contentment. This boost in your mood will also last as you recall this experience, by sharing the details with a friend or looking at pictures.

  1. Use Your Talents

Every person has their own set of unique abilities and talents, and when we immerse ourselves in an activity that uses these skills, we usually experience a state of “flow” which is linked to an increase in wellness and happiness. Regardless of whether it is gardening, woodworking, painting singing or coaching, when you cultivate your own talents it will increase your overall happiness.

  1. Pray Or Meditate

Meditative practices, such as mindful and quiet prayer are linked to an increase in development and activity in the prefrontal cortex of our brains. Even just 5 minutes of mindful prayer or meditation every day will increase your overall feeling of happiness in a significant way. It will also allow for a feeling of well-being and centeredness as well as increase mental acuity and focus. It also offers you the opportunities to be present, to stop and take in all the great things that we have. This, in turn, contributes to an increase in overall happiness.


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