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5 Health Benefits of Sewing and Why it is Good for you?

What’s the connection between mental health and sewing? Is that what you’re wondering? So how about you read the 5 health benefits and why it is good for you!

Sewing can actually make you feel better about a lot of things. It’s an excellent hobby that you should try. Especially if you’re struggling with achieving a balanced state of mind!

Time to find out more!

5 Health Benefits of Sewing 

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#1 You Allow Yourself to Be A Little Selfish


Don’t feel guilty for spending your time doing something you really want to. Working on a sewing machine seems like an effective way to spend time alone. This is necessary for those whose job or life revolves around other people. It’s important to make time for yourself. No matter your priorities or busy schedule.

Allowing yourself to focus on something alone prevents emotional breakdowns and burnouts. The former and latter are a result of caring for others all the time. You start to measure your importance of existence based on outside appreciation. Whereas inner appreciation is what matters the most!

So don’t feel so bad for immersing your mind into something that you love to do.

#2 You Become Mindful


Staying balanced and relaxed is becoming even more difficult now than ever. Cause we’re constantly multitasking. For example, eating food and watching TV at the same time. Organizing a schedule and texting at the same time. Just because our brain is capable of doing two things simultaneously doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop.

Focusing on a single task is not only important but healthy too. The theory of mindfulness is becoming popular for coping and self-help. And sewing allows you to do that. It forces you to put your whole mind and body into completing the project at hand.

And there’s no chance you can text while sewing. As the activity demands the use of both your hands! This is where this art makes the most impact.

#3 You Take a Break from Smart Devices

no mobile phones

Watching some TV or reading a thing or two on your laptop. How many times have you done that in your free time? Have you ever tried to do something that did not involve the use of an electronic?

Sensory overload is what I would like to call it. You need to make it a point to break away whenever you get the chance. And sometimes you have to make that chance.

At the time of sewing, you are willingly stepping away from all those smart devices. That means you’re giving your mind time to rest and relax. Getting away from the noise of social media does make life seem more purposeful.

And don’t think even for a second that sewing is an easy and boring undertaking. There are certain expert sewing techniques that you might take months to get the hang of.

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#4 You Build Your Very Own Coping Strategy

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Coping strategies are essential when living an unbalanced or stressful life. Or when suffering from depression! This is one of the greatest benefits of sewing for elderly and young adults.

The process of sewing is very structured. You allow your brain to focus on a single task and work at the desired speed. In short, concentration is at its best.

The machine gives you the opportunity to pause whenever you want. You can even mend the mistakes you make during the application. Nothing goes to waste, not even your effort. So feelings of achievement take over the feelings of failure. And if that’s not an effective coping mechanism, then what is!

#5 You Accomplish Something


When you finish a sewing project, you’ve created something with your own hands. And that does feel like an accomplishment.

But it’s not only about completing the task. While you’re at it, you’re learning new methods. The journey begins from scratch. And along the way, you make mistakes and learn how to improve your sewing skills.

It opens the door to amazing creativity as well. And at the end of it, the sense of accomplishing all those things makes a world of a difference.

Sewing gives you the opportunity to feel good about yourself. You feel proud of what you’re capable of doing!


So now you know how mental health and sewing go hand in hand.

These are my 5 health benefits of sewing and why it is good for you. How about you share your thoughts with us now? You can drop in anything that comes to mind when you think of sewing. I would appreciate your feedback.

I hope the sewing community keeps getting bigger and bigger. The world needs more focused and relaxed people.

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