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3 Considerable Health Tips From Instagram Influencers

World Health Day is celebrated worldwide on 7th April. Formation of World Health Organization resulted in the celebration of World Health Day. As an essential agency of United Nations, WHO aims at the well-being of health of the world both physically and mentally.

On such occasion of the world celebration of Health, Womenlite brings you some inspirational women who are working to spread awareness about the importance of good health and living. Let’s know them better with their work and learn some important health tips.

1. Shannon Rice


Shannon Rice is a Health Coach for Raise the Bar Nutrition. She works with both women and men to help achieve their health goals, (whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, or overall better health) by creating a meal plan personally with them. She then communicates with them consistently to help motivate them and keep them on a path to success.
Some health tips she has is to make sure either before or after a workout to consume at least 20g of protein to promote quicker muscle recovery
Her other tip is that using Herbalife Products, specifically the Formula 1 Protein Shakes in the morning is great because it is 17g of protein and only 9 carbs, keeps you full and is a great kickstart to someone’s metabolism!

2. Dr. Smriti Dutta

smriti dutta

Dr. Smriti Dutta, an expert in renewable energy based in the Netherlands.  She has been practicing holistic happiness all her life. She believes to enjoy and accept daily moments as it comes by without expecting beforehand; less the expectation more you are ready to embrace the beauty of life. About food, she believes dieting is unnecessary when you eat mindfully.

Guilt is good: You must feel guilty after gulping down a whole pizza or big slice of cake, only that guilt pushes you to go for a run. One tip she tries to follow is to drink a glass of lukewarm water immediately after waking up in the morning. It helps to fire up metabolism, hydrates the body and flushes out the toxins after a long period of resting.

To thrive in life everyday matters and we should enjoy the most of our every single passing day investing in a healthy body, satisfied soul, peaceful mind and successful career.

3. Ruby


Ruby is a yoga master located in Gurgaon and teaching here from last five years. Yoga has not only made her life independent but also it has given her so much confidence. Today whatever she has achieved in her life is because 6 years ago she took the decision to adopt yoga and live a healthy life. And today when she takes the class she always says consistency is the key, whatever you do it will pay off. Choosing healthy life is the best gift you can give to your self.

We all have been listening since years that ‘Health is Wealth,’ but we realize its importance only when we grow up. Without good health conditions, one can’t focus on the daily life activities. Thus, to achieve your goals, you should never neglect your well being.